St Patrick’s College Embarks on Energy Efficient Initiatives

February 20, 2020

St Patrick’s College is embarking on a move towards becoming a more sustainable school with the planned installation of solar panels and an increased focus on the use of LED lighting at the College.

For the first time St Patrick’s College is installing approximately 390 solar panels at the College in an effort to enhance the energy efficiency of the school.

The solar panels will be installed on the roofs of the Boarding precinct and the Senior School’s Wilding Wing starting from the April school holidays.

The College is also expanding the use of energy efficient LED lighting with LED lights to be installed in the Wilding Wing in April.

Once installed, the College’s use of LED lighting will represent 40 per cent of all light fittings used by the College with a number of key areas around the College already utilising 100 per cent LED lighting, including the Boarding Precinct, Whelan Food Centre, Year 12 Study Centre, the Waterford Wing, Chapel and O’Malley Gym.

 St Patrick’s College Business Manager, Mr Andrew Ballesty, said the College, with support of Edmund Rice Education Australia (EREA), recently conducted an Energy Efficiency Review identifying how the College could reduce its environmental footprint by implementing some simple energy efficient measures.

 “The College is committed to sustainable design and efficiency. The installation of solar panels and expanded use of LED lighting will not only reduce the College’s energy costs, but more importantly contribute positively to the environment by reducing energy use and carbon emissions,” Mr Ballesty said.

St Patrick’s College plans to continue rolling out environmentally friendly initiatives with a commitment to sustainable design in future projects, consistent with the EREA Touchstone of Justice and Solidarity.