St Pat’s Has Talent 2020 Prizes Announced

May 14, 2020

Members of our community wishing to enter this year’s online St Pat’s Has Talent Quest have until 2pm this Friday,  May 15 to do so.

Prizes will be handed out to our 1st,2nd and 3rd most impressive videos and of course, the mighty trophy awarded to the winner.

1st Prize:

$100 JB Hifi Voucher, $100 Athletes Foot Voucher PLUS:

2020: C’mon COVID 19- What the Heck?” Special bonus items including: 6 luxurious 3 ply loo paper, 5 x fashionable face masks perfect for the bus or bike ride to school, Dettol Hand Wash and individual antibacterial soap for all your anti-germ needs, 5 large chocolate bars to eat while no-one is watching, oodles of little chocolates to ‘share’ with friends and family and become their hero, and a SPC Beanie to hide your hair  – that hasn’t been cut in weeks…or possibly months.

2nd Prize

$60 JB Hifi Voucher PLUS,

COVID-19 : 2020 SPGT Special pack’ includes 4 x not as good as 1st place toilet rolls, very stingy, so therefore highly effective hand sanitizer, a few bars of antibacterial soap, 3 large blocks of chocolate, plenty of little chocolates and bonus SPC socks because you have lost all your other pairs.

3rd prize,

$40 JB Hifi Voucher

“COVID-19 Get-back-to school starter pack:” 3 rolls of scratchy toilet paper, slightly less stingy hand sanitizer, antibacterial soap – cause you know…germs are so 2019, 2 large blocks of chocolate, lots of little chocolates perfect for sneaking into school bags and a SPC downball – to assist with the transition of playing with actual people… in person .. for real.


Share your video file with Ms Monique Allen by following the instructions at this link.