Students attend NYSF

February 14, 2019

Over the summer holidays two students, College Captain Aidan Hanrahan and College Vice Captain Matthew Duffy, were selected to attend the National Youth Science Forum in Canberra.

The boys have now written the following reports on their experience:

Aidan Hanrahan

“The National Youth Science Forum was an incredible experience, entirely different to any other.

Whilst we were sworn to secrecy on many aspects of our time on session (as to not spoil it for future NYSFers), I will endeavour to describe those of which I am permitted.

Whilst it was science that brought 200 passionate science fans to Canberra, the experiences went far beyond the realm of science.

The workshops, lab tours, lectures as well as the concert, visiting parliament house, disco and science dinner made for a jam-packed schedule that was incredible, and exhausting.

NYSF allowed me to explore not only science as a field of interest but also opened my eyes to possible career pathways I was not even aware existed.

Finally, the people on session at NYSF truly made the experience. By being surrounded by 200 like-minded science fans from all across Australia for 10 days everyone on session forged relationships that I’m sure will not only withstand the great distances between them, but also the test of time.

While still strange to be called -‘NYSF alumni’ it was truly a once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget.

The opportunities I was granted while on session have further driven my passion for science and I am eternally thankful to South Ballarat Rotary Club and St Patrick’s College for providing me this privilege.”

Matthew Duffy

“It’s difficult to find the words to describe my experiences at NYSF. From the exposure to the world of science, to the amazing and passionate individuals I met along the way, the National Youth Science Forum was a rewarding experience unlike any other.

On January 2, at 5am, a group of eight or so weary and somewhat apprehensive students from Ballarat and country Victoria boarded the Ballarat train to embark on the grand venture to Canberra.

Following an eight-hour long bus ride, we finally arrived at Burgmann College campus at ANU, with 200 students from across Australia all united by their passion for science.

The following 10 days allowed little time for rest, with an abundance of science facility tours, lectures and workshops, not to mention the excitement of the trivia night, science disco and a variety of other events.

These experiences allowed us to look into the scientific world as a potential career path, and make friends with likeminded people.

Through the amazing opportunities and long-lasting friendships made, science camp not only further ignited my passion for science, but was also an unforgettable life experience. I am incredibly grateful to my Rotary Club and school for providing this opportunity.”