Students participate in da Vinci Decathlon

May 15, 2019

da Vinci Decathlon

The da Vinci Decathlon is an academic competition designed to challenge and stimulate the minds of school students. On Monday 24 of our brightest Year 7 students competed in teams of eight across the following 10 disciplines:

Mathematics -“ emphasis on problem solving, number patterns and logic puzzles

English -“ word origins, definitions, spelling, grammar, and writing

Science -“ students will be provided with higher level scientific concepts and be challenged to apply them

Code Breaking -“ in the spirit of World War II, students will aim to decipher several codes

Engineering Challenge -“ a building task designed to test creativity and ingenuity

Ideation -“ given a real world problem, generate a creative solution including ethical justification

Creative Producers -“ a sub-group from the team will have ten minutes to develop and present a 30-second performance on a given topic.

Art and Poetry -“ the team will develop a poem plus a complementary work of art on a given theme

Cartography -“ map making and reading

General Knowledge -“ current affairs, issues, history, science, entertainment, sport and world facts.

Hosted by Loreto, the boys relished the opportunity to compete in the range of disciplines against talented students from across the region. Thanks to Robyn Cocomazzo and Jacinta Reidy for leading the teams. The boys were thrilled to win gold for maths.