The Lion King Jr rehearsals begin

June 29, 2024

The cast of our Year 7-9 production, The Lion King Jr, which will hit the stage in late November.

Rehearsals are underway for our Year 7-9 production of The Lion King Jr.

More than 40 students will help stage the show, led by director Samantha Bashford-Leger and vocal director Tim Snibson, in late November.

Head of Drama Monique Allen said staff had been blown away by the talent of our students during auditions.

“Our first meeting of cast and crew was held recently, where we read through the script for the first time,” she said.

“The buzz in the room was palpable as more than 40 students came together to build the foundation of a strong cast and crew.”

Ms Allen said The Lion King Jr was a spectacular show filled with music, dance and unforgettable moments.

“The cast are having lots of fun dissecting how the different animals move as they choreograph the opening of the show,” she said.

“We can already tell this is going to be something special!”

The first script read-through of The Lion King Jr in the Performing Arts Centre.

Lion King Jr Cast:

Young Simba – Miguel Dunne

Simba – Harry Barun

Mufasa – Rafael Pankhurst

Young Nala – Gemma Harbour

Nala – Lily Retallick

Sarabi – Isabelle Roberts

Sarafine – Therese Gately Stack

Zazu – Dylan Hanley

Scar – George Rogers

Timon – Jordan Thompson

Pumba – Sam Edgar

Banza – Riley Hayes

Shenzi – Charlie Pappaluca

Ed – Patrick Snowden

Ensemble – Noah Young, Henry Gilbert, Liam Garth, Luca KewKayde Price, Luke Siemensma, Brody Gregg, Kayde Price, Rjwinder Parihar, Fergus Le Grand, Lucas Woolfe, Venuk Gajanyake, Flynn Almeida, Jake Arnold, Daksh Chilikuri, Jinup Lual, Dane Lafranchi, Lachlan Lane, Junaid Ali, Oscar Down, Mitchell Shea and Max Slater.