Support the rowing ergothon

November 3, 2015

The St Patrick’s College Rowing Club is urging the College community to support its first major fundraising event for the 2015-16 which centres around an upcoming ergothon.

The annual ergothon, where members of our 2015-16 crews gather together to row for as far as possible on the ergo rowing machines has been held each season for the past four years and provides invaluable practice as the rowers go through their paces.

Teams are made up of a mix of senior, intermediate and junior crew members and participants row for as long as they can before swapping, relay-like, for four hours. The goal is to row, collectively, as far as possible.

The coaches and parents also engage in the rowing marathon by manning their own machine and coxes also work hard rowing for four hours.

St Patrick’s College Director of Rowing Peter Joyce said the annual event was a major function for the Rowing Club.

“It is both an excellent training and conditioning exercise and team building and social event all the while seeking to raise money to continue to develop the St Patrick’s fleet of boats,” Mr Joyce said.

If you’d like to donate to the 2014 ergothon fundraising event, you can pay online with credit card by clicking the following link and following the prompt for the “Other Payments” option.

(Note: Please enter your intials when asked for your family code and then provide your initial and surname again as directed, and select St Pat’s Rowing Ergothon from the options)

Donations can be accepted until Friday, December 4 2015.