Teaching and Learning Report

December 4, 2020

By Director of Teaching and Learning, Mrs Julia Petrov


Please note that Friday, December 11 is the last day for you to submit your booklist order online. Orders will be available for collection from Campion at 5 Yarrowee St, Sebastopol from Monday, January 11.

Booklists and order details can be found on the College website here.

Please encourage your son to read his English texts during the holiday break.

Learning and teaching

We are truly lucky to have such dedicated and professional teachers and Learning Support Officers. Collaboration, creativity and care for our students have been the hallmarks of our teaching and learning team as we adapted and adjusted to the disruptions and challenges presented throughout this extraordinary year.

Much has been learnt by our team, not just in new ways to use ICT, but about the significance of classroom discussion and a well-designed lesson, of student feedback and the subtle cues they give us when they do and don’t understand, about the magic of being present in the same physical space. Sometimes you don’t appreciate a good thing until you don’t have it!

We appreciate the 21st century or soft skills the students have developed across the curriculum through the experiences of remote learning but we also know that the relationships we develop with our classes are vital in supporting our boys to learn not just the skills and knowledge of our subjects but about themselves.

Our Acting Principal, Mr Stephen Hill, has led us admirably this year. With his deep educational knowledge and experience, his leadership brought out our best. Under his direction, supported by our Deputy, Mrs Elizabeth Ryan, we have been able to provide the continuity of learning that recognised the different needs of our diverse student cohort.

We will be using this holiday break to reflect on what we have gained this year, through all its trials and tribulations, that we can bring to the 2021 school year.

Thank you for supporting staff in our work with your boys throughout the year.

Wishing you all a happy and holy holiday.

Ms Julia Petrov

Director of Teaching and Learning