Teaching and Learning Report

May 28, 2021

By Director of Teaching and Learning, Mrs Julia Petrov

Return to remote learning

Thanks in advance to the adjustments you will make to support our return to remote learning. We appreciate all that families need to prepare for having their boys learning from home.

The Online Classroom Rules outline behaviours that enable effective teaching and learning in an online environment.  Please remind your son of these expectations.

Online Classroom Rules for Students 2021

Be prepared for a class

  • Have books, pencil case and everything else ready for the lesson.
  • Ensure laptop is fully charged and ready for use.
  • Turn up to class on time in appropriate school attire.
  • A College polo top or any other piece of College-branded clothing.

Enter and participate in online classes politely

  • Upon entry blur your video background and start with your camera on.
  • Say hello to your teacher and classmates.
  • Video and microphone feed set to off when teacher asks.
  • Use your headphones when listening to classroom presentations and content.

How do I ask questions during a class?

  • Use the chat function to ask a question during a presentation.
  • When using raise hand feature, wait for the teacher’s response before talking.
  • Keep questions short, sharp and to the point.

Be courteous and respectful of all when interacting with your team

  • Be mindful of what you type, say and post online.
  • Be considerate of all when participating in an online meeting.

Stay connected to school communication portals

  • Email and calendar – Formal communication and meetings will be received here.
  • SIMON – The place to review your timetable and access class learning area tasks.
  • Microsoft Teams – The place for classroom chat and online lessons.

Homework and submitting class tasks

  • Be attentive to the tasks and requirements that you need to submit.
  • Check class tasks in SIMON learning areas to monitor your progress and receive feedback.

Looking after my device

  • Turn off your device at the end of each day
  • Save all your work onto Microsoft OneDrive
  • Do not visit websites that could be harmful
  • Do not attempt to install software on your device
  • Be aware of the Responsible ICT Use guidelines outlined in the device handbook and KRC website
  • For ICT assistance contact the College’s helpdesk.

Finally, it can be a bit lonely learning (and working) from home and we will continue to make sure communication is a cornerstone of our classes. Please contact your son’s class teachers or Pastoral Care teacher if you have any concerns or questions about his return to remote learning.

Subject Selection

With the disruptions of this week, our plans for subject selection sessions have been altered. Students will be notified of the updated subject selection schedule.