Teaching and Learning Report

September 3, 2021

By Director of Teaching and Learning, Mrs Julia Petrov

Tutoring Online

We are continuing to offer students tutoring during this period of remote learning for Maths, English, Humanities and Study Skills.

Ten-minute sessions will be conducted online through Teams.

Students may benefit from having a brief one-to-one session to support them with classwork or with study skills in general. Booking a study skills session can also help students lacking motivation or needing some guidance with managing tasks and work flow.

Sessions with a tutor can be booked   here.

Daiichi Highschool in Fukuoka

Last week our Year 11 Japanese class met with students from the Daiichi Highschool in Fukuoka. Organised by Head of Languages, Mr Paul Tucker, our students were given a wonderful opportunity to present on the topic of Australian life and practice their Japanese in an authentic context. The students from both schools enjoyed the experience and our students cannot wait until the next time they meet.


Crazy Ideas College: Social Innovators Program

The CIC Social Innovation Program provides a rich learning experience that harnesses the creativity of your students, enlivens the concept of community service and extends connections beyond the school gate.

For the past three weeks, 50 Year 9 students have been working in teams to design services and products that enrich the lives of their fellow citizens. The first session was a full day program ran at school, before shifting to an online model for the past two weeks. The Crazy Idea College team stages workshops at key points in the process to accelerate idea development and extend the thinking of students. Ideas are promoted online and at key community sites so that young people pollinate their work and attract more people into the conversation. Teams pitch to community leaders with promising ideas identified and advanced.