Teaching and Learning Report

November 30, 2021

By Director of Teaching and Learning, Mrs Julia Petrov

Once associated with a fun card game, the word “snap” has taken on a whole new significance in the relation to the lockdowns of 2021. While we were better prepared for the disruptions caused by the rapid change from onsite classes to learning from home and then back to school again, 2021 has been a year of considerable change and adjustment.

There have been points in the year where we have had plan A and plan B only to require a plan C. Teachers have worked tirelessly to ensure continuity of learning for our students and we thank them for their dedication, mastery of the technology and for the way they have been able to adjust their lessons to be online or back in the classroom, sometimes at very short notice.

For many years in education we have focused on becoming connected – ensuring eLearning and digital literacy have a place in our lessons. We aim to build the 21st century skills such as critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, information literacy and communication. This year we have continued to develop these skills in our lessons both onsite and remotely but being connected in 2021 has taken on a whole new meaning.

For being connected, or belonging, or associating or uniting with each other is essential. This year we have a new sense of how valuable our time together is – whether it has been in the classroom, the lab, the gym or the specialist areas like the Wheelan Food Centre, the technology wing, the art rooms, the Black box theatre or the Chapel. While we are readily able to shift to remote learning, we all appreciate the magic of being present in the same physical space where we have been able to form and strengthen our connections to each other.

As part of the International Boys’ School Coalition, staff undertook a Situational Judgment Test for Educators of Boys™. Each item on the test was scored against a research-based approach to educating boys, called relational teaching. We have been pleased with the results and will continue to undertake professional learning based on recent studies of teaching and motivating boys.

We know that the relationships we develop with our classes are vital in supporting our students to learn not just the skills and knowledge of our subjects but about themselves.

We are truly lucky to have such dedicated and professional teachers and school support staff. Collaboration, creativity and care for our students have been the hallmarks of our teaching and learning team as we adapted and adjusted to the disruptions and challenges of this year as we have been able to provide the continuity of learning that recognised the different needs of our diverse student cohort.

End of Semester Two reports

The End of Semester Two reports for all Years 7-12 students will be available via PAM from 4:00pm on Friday, 10 December. They provide an overview of a student’s classroom work habits, class attendance and academic progress for the semester. Some students find studying remotely more challenging than others and this may result in some inconsistencies in their academic performance.

Please take the time to review these reports with your son. Note his strengths, taking into account all his subjects, and also focus on his effort and attitude to learning. If the report indicates that effort is below standard, then please discuss how this could be better next year. Ask your son to talk about his strengths first before looking at areas that need improvement. After the discussion, celebrate your son’s efforts with a special activity or treat recognising his progress. This can be a good way to acknowledge the end of the academic year and the start of the holiday season.

Thank you for supporting staff in our work with your boys throughout the year.


Please note that Friday, December 10 is the last day for you to submit your booklist order online. Orders will be available for collection from Campion at 5 Yarrowee St, Sebastopol from Monday, 10 January.

Booklists and order details can be found on the College website here.

Please encourage your son to read his English texts during the holiday break.

Wishing you all a happy and holy holiday.

Mrs Julia Petrov

Director of Teaching and Learning