Teaching and Learning Report

August 7, 2020

By Director of Teaching and Learning, Mrs Julia Petrov

Teaching and Learning

The sudden return to remote learning has required considerable adjustment and adaption of our courses and planned classwork. We appreciate families have also had to quickly prepare for all that will be involved in having their boys learning from home. As you may be aware, we have made some alterations around how we will require the submission of work by the boys. We think the move from weekly tasks to fortnightly coursework will be more manageable for the students and it allows teachers more time to provide instruction and support. This change also better aligns with our 10-day timetable as some subjects found the weekly tasks particularly problematic.

We are truly lucky to have such dedicated and professional teachers. Collaboration, creativity and care for our students have been the hallmarks of our return to remote learning meetings and planning. We have reviewed what worked well and what we need to be mindful of in this round of remote learning. It can be a bit lonely learning (and working) from home and we will continue to make sure communication is a cornerstone of our classes. Please contact your son’s teachers or Pastoral Care teacher if you have any concerns or questions about his return to remote learning.

Subject Selection

With the disruptions of this week, our plans for subject selection sessions have been altered. Please refer to the website for updated information. Some of the instructions in the 2021 Years 10 & 11 Subject Selection Guides are now incorrect. Please refer to the corresponding sections of the subject selection website where there are videos and updated instructions.