Teaching and Learning Report – April 4, 2019

April 3, 2019

Thanks for the term!

Term One is always a busy one for teaching and learning at St Patrick’s and 2019 has been no exception. Consider the following as just a few examples of what has happened:

  • We have welcomed and inducted 10 new teachers and five new classroom support and administration staff.
  • Three new Heads of Faculty and five new Directors have worked diligently to quickly come to grips with their new roles to support and further learning for all our boys.
  • Staff attended 66 different PD and professional learning activities and events throughout the term to further their professional knowledge and skills.
  • The Re-engagement Room and the Year 12 Study Centre were successfully introduced with immediate positive effects for our boys.
  • The new NCCD processes and procedures for boys with identified needs has been seamlessly introduced into the College.
  • New and revised VCE studies and the Pathways to Hospitality program have added additional options and pathways for our Senior school boys and;
  • We successfully trialled a new whole-school model for P/S/T interviews.

The success of these and the many other events, functions and activities that have taken place this term can only occur through the combined efforts of the many -“ students, staff and parents alike. As I often note to the staff of St Patrick’s, we are always better when we work together!

Access to Learning Areas

Learning Areas

St Patrick’s uses the Parent Access Module (PAM) to give parents and guardians online access to a range of information specific to their son(s). PAM provides parents with access to their son’s timetable, his attendance records, daily messages and the College calendar.

Further to this, you can access the Learning Areas section specific to your son. This section of PAM provides you with up-to-date information on your son’s performance in all reported assessment tasks. These are typically recorded as a percentage result and include teacher feedback, such as an assessment rubric, that can be used to support his future learning. The due dates for each assessment task and a brief description of the assessment task are also provided. Assessment tasks currently being completed by your son, along with any overdue tasks, are also listed in Learning Areas. Teachers add results and information to this section throughout the year so, you are encouraged to regularly log into PAM. – –

Mid Semester One Reports

PAM also provides access to the Student Assessment area. The Student Assessment area allows you to view and download your son’s mid semester reports and end of semester Statement of Attainment report for this and previous years. The 2019 Mid Semester One reports for all Years 7-12 students will be available via PAM from 4:00pm this Friday (April 5). These reports will provide you with an insight into a range of classroom work habits for each subject studied by your son, including a general statement of his overall academic progress to-date.

Parents seeking to communicate with any of their son’s teachers regarding issues identified or raised in the Mid Semester report can contact the teacher(s) via email using the teacher email link in PAM. Alternatively, parents can phone the College on 5331 1688 regarding other possible contact options.