Teaching and Learning Report – February 18, 2016

February 17, 2016

Academic Assembly

The College community gathered this week for the annual Academic Assembly. The Academic Assembly recognises the academic excellence of our high achieving VCE students and those boys whose aggregated performance in all semester two assessment tasks placed them in the top 15% of their year level.

The College Dux is presented annually to the Year 12 student who attains the highest ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) for his year. With an ATAR score of 99.9, the College proudly recognised Patrick Collier as the 2015 College Dux.

Patrick’s journey to his ATAR of 99.9 started when he was in Year 11 when he achieved a study score of 50 in Further Mathematics. In 2015, Patrick attained scores of 42, scaled to 42.95, in Accounting; 45, scaled to 47.19, in English Language; 50, scaled to 50.75, in Mathematical Methods (CAS)- – – – ; 43, scaled to 52.41, in Specialist Mathematics and 49, scaled to 49.51, in Physics.

In October last year, we acknowledged Patrick with a Chris Nolan Distinction Award as one of just five Year 12 boys to receive a Chris Nolan Award at the end of each semester of their six years at St Patrick’s. Patrick achieved an astonishing average of 91% over this time. An average result of 91% for the hundreds of assessment task completed and reported on from the first weeks of Year 7 through to the last days of Year 12 in all areas of the curriculum, a truly remarkable academic achievement.

Patrick is an outstanding role model who is very well regarded by his peers and a deserving recipient of the 2015 College Dux award.

Patrick had many academically gifted classmates in 2015. The following boys were presented a VCE Achievement of Excellence Award in recognition of their efforts in attaining an ATAR of 90 and above:

Patrick Collier– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – ATAR of 99.9

2015 offer: Science (Chancellor’s Scholars Program)- – – – – – – – – The University Of Melbourne

William Briggs– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – ATAR of 99.3

2015 offer: Science- – – The University Of Melbourne

Mitchell Canny– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – ATAR of 95.1

2015 offer: Biomedicine- – – – – – – – The University Of Melbourne

Tom Evans– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – ATAR of 96.15

2015 offer: Engineering-Civil and Infrastructure (Honours)/Business Management- RMIT University

Kelsey Gannon– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – ATAR of 98.45

2015 offer: Biomedicine- – – – – – – – The University Of Melbourne

Callum Holland– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – ATAR of 92.55

2015 offer: Science- – – The University Of Melbourne

Christopher Kan– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – ATAR of 98.4

2015 offer: Laws (Honours)- – – Monash University

Jarrod Kemp ATAR of 91.3- – – – – – – – – – – – –

Lachlan McIntyre– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – ATAR of 96.45

2015 offer: Engineering-Civil and Infrastructure (Honours)/Business Management RMIT University

Zac Ticehurst– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – ATAR of 92.75

2015 offer: International Business- – – – – Monash University

A VCE Academic Prize, or subject Dux, was presented to the boy with highest study score of 40 and above for each VCE and VETiS Units 3/4 offered in 2015. The following students were recognised:



Study Score

Scaled to

Nicholas Anokye

Dux of Systems Engineering


William Briggs

Dux of Chemistry



Mitchell Canny

Dux of English


Dux of Physical Education


Patrick Collier

Dux of Accounting



Stephen Callahan Dux of Mathematical Methods (CAS)



John Cosgriff Dux of Specialist Mathematics



Dux of Physics



Tom Evans

Dux of Physical Education


Nicholas Frawley

Dux of Literature



Kelsey Gannon

Dux of Biology



Dux of Chemistry



Dux of History: Australian



Jett Herrmann

Dux of Visual Communication Design


Christopher Kan

Dux of English Language



Dux of English


Dux of Languages: Japanese



Benjamin Lusby

Dux of Industry and Enterprise


Liam O’Shea

Dux of Further Mathematics


Thomas Paarhammer

Dux of Language: German



James Parini

Robert Connelly Memorial Dux of History Revolutions


Alexander Richardson

Dux of Sport and Recreation (VCE VET)


Matthew Wong

Dux of Engineering Studies (VCE VET)


Luke Wynd

Dux of Business Management


To conclude the acknowledgement of the academic successes of the class of 2015, the assembly recognised those boys who received the Victorian Certificate of Education (Baccalaureate).

The VCE (Baccalaureate) was introduced to support the State Government’s objectives to encourage more students to include languages and higher level mathematics in their senior secondary program of study.

To be eligible for the VCE (Baccalaureate) a student had to achieve a study score of 30 and above in their chosen study of English, satisfactorily complete a Units 3/4 sequence in either Mathematical Methods or Specialist Mathematics and satisfactorily complete a Units 3/4 sequence in a VCE Language (Japanese here at St Patrick’s).

In 2015, the Victorian Certificate of Education (Baccalaureate) was awarded, and previously distributed, to Lachlan Fuller and Christopher Kan

The assembly continued with the presentation of the 2015 Semester Two Chris Nolan Awards. The Chris Nolan Awards were established in 2008 to acknowledge the academic excellence of individual students. To receive a Chris Nolan Award, a boy must be in the top 15% of his year level. The 15% is determined by the aggregation of all semester results (including exams and all reported assessment items).

Chris graduated from St Patrick’s College in 1985 as College Captain. He completed his Law Degree at Monash University and went on to practice law in Vietnam. Chris was highly respected by all for his commitment and enthusiasm to all aspects of College life and demonstrated his intelligence and ingenuity shortly after leaving St Patrick’s as one of the co-founders of the highly acclaimed Meredith Music Festival. After several years in Vietnam, Chris tragically acquired severe brain injuries from a viral infection leading to total organ failure. Chris is profoundly disabled physically and in his communication systems. With the strong and unconditional support of his family and friends, Chris has continued to fight against these disabilities and has developed various means of communication and is now the face for those developing awareness of and the fight for young people requiring care in nursing homes.

As a student at the College, Chris regularly achieved strong academic results and in his final year he was awarded:

– – – – – – – – – – – – the Headmaster’s Award for Leadership

– – – – – – – – – – – – the History Prize

– – – – – – – – – – – – the Sir Hugh Devine Prize for Impromptu Speech

– – – – – – – – – – – – a W.T. Doyle Prize for Debating

– – – – – – – – – – – – the 1st XI Cricket Bowling Award

In his time at St Patrick’s, Chris clearly exemplified the pursuit of excellence across a range of our important educational programmes and activities.

In addition to the Semester Two Chris Nolan Awards, boys who received a Chris Nolan award in both Semester One and Two in 2015 were presented with a Headmaster’s Academic Excellence Certificate to acknowledge their sustained academic excellence throughout the year. These students are marked with an asterisk (*) on the following list.

2015 Semester Two Year 7 Chris Nolan Award recipients:

Griffin Andrews

Jack Atkinson*

Thomas Barry*

Anakin Bawden*

Isaac Beaston

Edward Boyer*

Chad Cartledge

Sean Clarke

Jack Clinton*

Darcy Cosgriff*

Elijah Cross

Nathan Delvescovo*

William Gilbert*

Benjamin Gray

Joel Harbour*

Patrick Heagney

Lachlan Huf

Hamish Irvin*

Harry Johns*

Ethan Jungbauer*

Finn Lappin*

Jordan Lauton*

Darcy Macklin*

Jack Martin*

Oliver McCrabb*

Charlie Molan*

Kai O’Keeffe*

Max Olver*

Aidan Rieniets

William Rothe*

Mitchell Scobie*

Kyle Smith*

Eoghan Somers

Josiah Tudball*

Liam Tuohey*

Max Waller

Mathew Wilken*

Harrison Wills

2015 Semester Two Year 8 Chris Nolan Award recipients:

Sai Siddarth Anand Gayathiri

Jack Anderson

Sean Antrobus*

Lachlan Atkinson

Harry Biggs

Hamish Britt

Matthew Catterson*

Matthew Duffy*

Owen Ellerton*

Marcus Evans*

Hugo Ferguson*

Cooper Gillett*

Izaac Grant

Broden Haintz*

Aidan Hanrahan*

Ignatius Holland*

Hayden Irvin*

James Loader*

Declan Magri*

Charlie Martin

Mitchell McKee*

Michael Mennen*

Thomas Miller-Schmetzer*

Jordan Muir*

Mitchell Nicholson*

Jack Parente*

Jacob Pawlowicz*

Lochlan Pett

Caleb Reilly*

Mark Ritchie*

Max Scoble*

Callum Shaw*

Marcus Tilley

Hugh Valpied*

Damian VanGaans*

William Walker

Thomas Walters*

Riley Williams

James Wilson*

2015 Semester Two Year 9 Chris Nolan Award recipients:

Jayden Ashmore*

Kyle Brown

Paul Brown

Matthew Butler*

Luke Castleman

Lachlan DeVries*

Joshua Findlay*

Mitchell Findlay*

Joel Fitzgerald*

Mitchell Furlong*

Declan Gannon*

Nicholas Gaylor*

Casey Haseloff*

Quinten Henderson*

Edan Huggett*

Jude Jeandet*

Damian Johnson

Jesse Jury*

Jesse Keem*

Elliott Lamb*

Blake Lim*

Fletcher Loader*

Conlon Love

Emmet Macklin*

Samuel McCrum*

Will McLoughlin*

Ryan Mulheron*

Jacob Nolan*

Dean O’Brien*

Joel O’Connell*

Lachlan Owens

Simon Porter

Dil Shah*

Shilo Smith

Marlin Staley

Lachlan Suttie*

Nathan Suttie*

Liam Taylor*

Jack Tuohey

Harry Turner

Samuel Williams*

2015 Semester Two Year 10 Chris Nolan Award recipients:

Joshua Allen*

Liam Boatman*

Cameron Brasser*

Nicholas Carta*

Timothy Collier*

Lachlan Conlan*

Austin Constable

Ryan Cox

Samuel Coxall*

Jake Curran

Kali Dawborn*

Joshua DeVoogel*

Ryan Dewar*

James Duffy*

Joshua Duggan*

Nicholas Elliott*

Charlie Fenton*

Mitchell Fowler

Lachlan Furlong*

Jack Gaffney

Declan Hanrahan

Thomas Hughes*

Mason Joyce

James Lam

Jonathan Lansdown*

Brandon Lauton*

Thomas Millard*

Brady Mulheron*

Brandon Pryor*

Samuel Rousch*

Devlin Russell

Shamus Ryan

Xavier Schuurs

Benjamin Simmons

Tiernan Somers

Nicholas Stuhldreier*

Caelan Thompson*

Hayden Thompson*

Mitchell Tuddenham*

Henry Ward*

Corey White*

2015 Semester Two Year 11 Chris Nolan Award recipients:

Cameron Adams*

Jason Chekmarev*

Nathaniel Corboy*

Hasker Dawborn*

Bailey Dodd*

Ethan Duggan

Brandon Falland*

Liam Haintz*

Tynan C Haintz*

Liam Hanrahan

Jonah Healey*

Daniel Hillman*

Sean Howard

Glyn Kendall*

Patrick Keogh*

Dallas Martin

Lawrence McCrabb*

Luke McGill*

Angus McLean*

Samuel McMaster*

Jed Millard*

Alexander Mooney*

Riley Murphy*

Jacob Norman

Jarrod O’Brien*

David O’Doherty*

Liam O’Shea*

James Parini*

Lleyton Pigott*

Alex Porter*

Lachlan Ralston*

Alexander Richardson*

Padraic Ryan*

Samuel Taranto*

Joshua Taylor*

Mitchell Toohey

Patrick Willis*

Henry Wines

Matthew Wong*

Luke Wynd*

Congratulations to each boy acknowledged at the Academic Assembly. I hope that the success of each provides all other boys at St Patrick’s with the example and motivation to vigorously pursue personal academic success.

Parent Access Module (PAM)

As noted in a recent email to parents, St Patrick’s operates the online student information system, SIMON, to provide students and parents access to a range of information to support and further the learning of each boy. The Parent Access Module (PAM) provides parents online access to a range of information specific to their son(s) including:

  • His timetable

  • Attendance records

  • Daily messages

  • The College calendar

  • Performance on assessment tasks

  • Interim and end of semester reports

  • The booking of parent-teacher interviews

The 2016 PAM parent log-in details, username and password, which are required to access the above information specific to your son(s), have been updated and sent to you by email and mailed to your home address.

PAM can be accessed by clicking on the link on the College’s homepage (https://www.stpats.vic.edu.au/) or by going directly to the PAM site (https://pam.stpats.vic.edu.au).

A PAM Parent User Guide has been written to assist you with the log-in process, including forgotten login details, and to explain the key features of PAM. It can also be accessed by clicking on the link on the College’s homepage (https://www.stpats.vic.edu.au/).

I would like to thank all parents who have provided the College with an up-to-date email address. St Patrick’s will be expanding its use of email to inform you of the many activities, events and opportunities that will be taking place in 2016 and beyond.

Parents requiring further assistance with their PAM login or updating their current email address are asked to phone the College on 5331 1688.

Year 7 and Senior School Parent/Student/Teacher interviews

Week 6 of Term 1 sees the first of the College’s Parent/Student/Teacher sessions. This first round of interviews aims to provide Year 7 parents, accompanied by their son, the opportunity to meet subject teachers and their son’s Pastoral Care Tutor. These interviews form part of the broader Year 7 transition program designed to support each Year 7 boy with the move from primary to secondary school.

The Senior School Parent/Student/Teacher interviews provide the parents of Years 10, 11 and 12 boys the opportunity to meet subject teachers and their son’s Pastoral Care Tutor. These interviews will assist parents in coming to further understand the assessment requirements of each Senior School subject and allow the subject teacher to provide some initial feedback to parents regarding their son’s progress based on the first six week of classes.

Parents of Years 11 and 12 boys studying VCE Units 3/4 and scored VETiS subjects are strongly encouraged to attend this round of interviews. Where possible, these teachers will give parents results for any SAC tasks completed early in Term 1 and provide feedback for future learning based on these results. It is important that Senior School boys attend the interviews with their parents.

There will be two interview sessions in week 6 -“ the first on Tuesday, March 1 and the second on Thursday, March 3. Both will run from 4:00pm until 8:00pm.

The Parent Access Module (PAM) will again be used to make interview bookings. This system enables you to book interviews at a time that suits you best from any internet-connected computer. An email outlining the procedure to access Parent/Student/Teacher interview bookings via PAM will be sent in the coming days. Parents who require further assistance with Parent/Student/Teacher interviews are asked to phone Student Services on 5331 1688.

Mr Stephen Hill

Deputy Headmaster -“ Teaching and Learning