Teaching and Learning Report – July 25, 2019

July 24, 2019

Welcome back to Term 3!

The term has started well with the boys continuing to make the most of the many and varied learning opportunities that are created and presented to them on a daily basis.

While many staff made the most of the Term 2 break for some time away from SPC, the great work of a significant number of staff continued. Be it in the completion of a range of building and renovations projects; the supervision and support for students and parents on the PNG Tour; or the management and coaching of the First XVIII team in their practice game against Xavier College, St Patrick’s benefits greatly from all our staff who give so much for the betterment of our boys.

Term 3 Staffing changes:

There have been a number of staffing changes for Term 3:

Staff member


Mrs Maree Boyle

Mr Mitch Leviston (leave for Term 3)

Mr Andrew Oddie

Mr Peter Brady (leave for Term 3)

Mrs Julie Delaney

Mrs Sarah Kochskamper (maternity leave)

Mr John Hearn

Ms Shannon Thompson (maternity leave)

Ms Katelyn Clark

Mrs Ashleigh Giampaolo (maternity leave)

Ms Glenda Morris

Assistant Director of Library and Information Services (Sem 2)

Mr Thomas Hoy

The teaching load held by Ms Glenda Morris

Mr Joshua Weidlich

New Senior GAP Tutor

Mr Isaac Roberts

New Junior GAP Tutor

Mr Arthur Ainley

New Junior GAP Tutor

We welcome all new and returning staff to St Patrick’s and wish them well in their various roles.

As previously announced, Headmaster John Crowley’s leave has been extended with his appointed to the role of Acting Regional Director for EREA, Southern Region, from Monday, August 19 through to Friday, October 11.

The 2020 subject selection process:

Current Years 9, 10 and 11 students are now well into all aspects of the 2020 subject selection process. As previously noted, subject selection can be an anxious time and the College has developed a variety of procedures to support both students and parents.

As 2020 student and parent information sessions for Years 10, 11 and 12 continue, documentation and PowerPoint presentations relating to each session are bring made available in PDF form via the College’s webpage.

An important aspect of the 2020 subject selection process is the Subject Selection Guide which each Year 9, 10 and 11 student is required to submit. This has been developed at the request of parents and students as a single subject selection document that step-by-step leads you through the various aspects of subject selection for each year level.

Online submission of proposed 2020 studies:

Students will again use Web Preferences, the online subject submission portal, to submit their proposed course of study and program details.

Students have been emailed a link to Web Preferences, along with detailed instructions. Parents have been sent an email explaining the submission procedure. Students and parents requiring support with the use of Web Preferences are asked to contact the Director of Administration, Mr Tom Ferguson.

All the best for Term 3,

Mr Stephen Hill

Acting Co-Headmaster – Teaching and Learning