Teaching and Learning Report – March 16, 2018

March 15, 2018

For 125 years we have been working with boys to help them achieve academic success. This classroom has seen some spring through the door while others have entered a little less enthusiastically. Although a lot has changed in 125 years, many core aspects, like literacy and numeracy, are still essential elements of a boy’s education.

The pursuit of academic success still requires commitment, discipline and hard work. For the most part learning is a solitary journey. Of course, students work with teachers and study with friends but the process of information transferring to knowledge and awareness transforming to insight is deeply personal. It can be a slow, cumulative process, monitored by teachers, supported by families but ultimately generated from within.

This classroom has seen chalk and slates, paper and pens and now screens and keyboards. But no matter the medium, learning still requires effort. We have always asked our boys to consistently participate and engage in all that is offered. To risk and persist in order to achieve their best academic performance.

Today, as we celebrate 125 years of learning, we think of all the others who have entered this classroom before us. It is a school’s people who create memories and make a school great. Many people have stepped through this door. May there be many more to come.