Teaching and Learning Report – March 28, 2018

March 28, 2018

Holidays -“ a time for reflection, revision and refreshment

It has been an eventful term with many things to celebrate. The boys now know their teachers and have a good understanding of what is required of them in their various subjects. The holidays give us time to reflect on our lessons and on what has been learnt. Mid semester reports offer parents the opportunity to discuss with their boys which aspects of their studies they have mastered and which areas require further work. Boys can consider which study strategies and work habits have served them well and which haven’t. Class notes and work books can also be reviewed and organised.

The holidays allow us all time for relaxation and renewal. We look forward to seeing the boys refreshed and ready to learn on Tuesday, April 17. Happy Easter holidays.

Use of Parent Access Module (PAM)

Access to Learning Areas, Mid Semester Reports and Years 8 – 9 Parent/Teacher/Student interviews.

Learning Areas

St Patrick’s uses the Parent Access Module (PAM) to give parents and guardians online access to a range of information specific to their son(s). PAM provides parents with access to their son’s timetable, his attendance records, daily messages and the College calendar.

Further to this, you can access the Learning Areas section specific to your son. This section of PAM provides you with up-to-date information on your son’s performance in all reported assessment tasks. These are typically recorded as a percentage result and include teacher feedback, such as an assessment rubric, that can be used to support future learning. The due dates for each assessment task and a brief description of the assessment task are also provided. Assessment tasks currently being completed by your son, along with any overdue tasks, are also listed in Learning Areas. Teachers add results and information to this section throughout the year so, you are encouraged to regularly log into PAM.- – –

Mid Semester Reports

PAM also provides access to the Student Assessment area. The Student Assessment area allows you to view and download your son’s mid semester reports and end of semester Statement of Attainment report for this and previous years. The 2018 mid semester reports for all Years 7-12 students will be available via PAM from 4:00pm on Thursday, March 29. These reports will provide you with an insight into a range of classroom work habits for each subject studied by your son, including a general statement of his overall academic progress to-date. A mid semester Instrument Music report for those boys participating in music tuition lessons will also be available from this date.

Year 8 and 9 Parent Student Teacher Interviews

Week 1 of Term 2 will see the second round of the College’s Parent/Student/Teacher interview sessions take place. This round of interviews aims to provide Years 8 and 9 parents, accompanied by their son, the opportunity to meet subject teachers and their son’s Pastoral Care Tutor. PAM will again be used to book these interviews and will be open for bookings from 4:00pm on Thursday, March 29.

These interviews will also assist parents in coming to further understand the assessment requirements of each subject and allow the subject teacher to provide feedback based on the first term of classes. It is important that each boy attend the interviews with his parents.

There will be one interview session in week one, on Thursday, April 19 (from 4:00pm to 8:30pm). The interviews will take place in the Wilding Wing (refer to attached PDF room map of the Wilding Wing). If it is not possible for you to attend interviews during the scheduled times, please contact teachers directly to discuss matters over the phone or arrange an alternative meeting time and date.