Teaching and Learning Report – November 9, 2017

November 8, 2017

2018 1:1 Device Update

The St Patrick’s College vision for eLearning is to provide technology-enriched learning opportunities that enable students to achieve high quality learning outcomes, preparing them for further education, training and to live and work in a digital world. Following is information specific to the College’s 1:1 device program.

iPad program for Years 7, 8 and 9 students:

The introduction of the Apple iPad into Years 7, 8 and 9 in 2014 has proven to be an important element in the implementation of the College’s eLearning Plan. As in recent years, boys in Years 7, 8, and 9 in 2018 are required to each have their own iPad and to bring this iPad to classes each day.

Most current Years 7 and 8 students will retain their current iPad and take it with them into Year 8 or Year 9.

Many incoming students will already have an iPad and rather than requiring parents to purchase an additional iPad for their son, St Patrick’s has put structures and processes in place to allow boys to use an iPad to which they already have access, subject to the following minimum specification requirements:

  • iPad Air, iPad Air 2 or the latest -‘iPad’ with lightning connector (not an iPad 1, 2, 3 or 4)

  • A minimum of 32 GB of memory

  • 9.7- screen (not an iPad mini)

  • Latest iOS installed (currently iOS 11.0.3)

  • NOT– 3/4G enabled.

Some students may have an iPad Air with less than the recommended storage capacity. When you consider the storage requirements of the operating system and the apps, 32GB is the recommended minimum size of these devices.

Students are also required to have their iPad in the College approved protective cover (with the College crest) and to use the College approved protective neoprene sleeve to reduce the likelihood of damage to their device. Both are available for purchase from the College Shop or can be purchased as part of a discounted package through the College approved provider CompNow.

Parents who have to purchase an iPad for their son will be able to do so by using the College’s approved provider, CompNow, or by purchasing a device from one of the many retailers who sell Apple products. Please note that CompNow are able to offer Apple Education pricing for the iPad and a discount on the compulsory iPad protection package. This includes:

  • X3 Ultraprotect – Bravo iPad Cover – Black

  • With Custom St Patricks Logo Printing

  • UltraProtect – X3 Extreme Screen Protector

  • X3 UltraGlide Nanotech Retractable Stylus

  • Belkin 11″ Sleeve – Black

CompNow can also provide an option to purchase Applecare+ for iPads at $129 which includes up to two broken screen replacements per iPad via the Apple repair/replacement programme. There is a service fee of $65 if a claim is made. Otherwise, the repair cost per broken screen is $499 per incident if repaired through Apple. Please be aware Apple can and does change repair prices from time to time. These prices are correct at the time of printing but, are subject to change by Apple without notice.

The CompNow order and payment portal is now open and can be accessed at https://www.compnow.com.au/st-patricks

Once you have entered the portal, you will be presented with a web page with the St Patrick’s College logo in the top right-hand corner. A set of instructions on using the portal are displayed upon entering the portal. If after having followed all of the instructions and you have any questions about the portal please call 03 9554 6012 or email our dedicated CompNow account manager, Daniel Stinchcombe (daniel.stinchcombe@compnow.com.au).

Please note there are two cut-off dates for orders through the CompNow portal:

  • For delivery before Christmas 2017 -“ orders need to be completed by December 8

  • For delivery before the start of school 2018 -“ orders need to completed by January 12

Your order will be delivered to your home address by courier.

Students who bring their own iPad will be required to purchase the College approved neoprene sleeve ($35) and iPad cover with College Crest ($43). This will avoid having multiple styles and types and ensure that the iPad is given the best possible protection whilst at school. Both of these items will be available for purchase from the College Shop.

Key 2018 dates associated with iPad program include:

  • Thursday February 1: Parent iPad Handbook and Agreement distributed to students.

  • Thursday, February 1: Year 7 Welcome Night (7:30pm in the College Pavilion)

  • Monday, February 5: Signed Agreement form MUST be returned to Pastoral Care Teacher.

  • Monday, February 5: iPad Boot Camp for Year 7 and new Year 8, 9 students

  • Friday, February 9: Catch-up iPad Boot Camp for Year 7 and Years 8, 9 students new to St Patrick’s

An electronic copy of the 2018 Parent iPad Handbook and Agreement will be available for preview in December on the parent iPad website: http://ipads.stpats.vic.edu.au/agreements-and-protocols.html where you can view the current 2017 Handbook. Parents may like to view this document online prior to signing the 2018 agreement in January to have a good understanding of the College’s expectations with regards the use of the iPad at school.

Years 7- 9 students will be using their iPad to access the significant majority of the required text books and online resources. The eResource charge will be added to the tuition statement for your son.

A 2018 Booklist will be available later in Term Four for the remaining text resources, apps required for the iPad, workbooks and stationery items.

All Years 7, 8 and 9 students new to St Patrick’s in 2018 will participate in an iPad Boot Camp on Monday, February 5. The iPad Boot Camp will occupy the entire day and students will be instructed in the set-up and use of the iPad. Students will also cover a variety of other topics over the course of the day including eResources, App4 (the electronic diary used by St Patrick’s College students), backing-up the iPad, digital citizenship, ergonomics and digital literacy. There will be a -‘catch-up’ Boot Camp on Friday February 9 for those students who miss the first one. There will also be iPad -‘Drop-in Clinics’ available each lunchtime to support those students who still need assistance with the setting up of their iPad.

To help your son get the most out of the iPad Boot Camp, they should already have setup their Apple ID and iTunes login. This will allow your son to add and update apps and effectively manage the iPad. We highly recommend that you create the Apple ID on a computer at home. To be able create an Apple ID your son will need to have an email account he has access to and we recommend NOT a school email account. A free email account such as Gmail or Microsoft Live will be fine. We also recommend that no credit card be added to your son’s iTunes account but instead to use an iTunes gift card to allow for the purchase of any paid apps. Instructions on how to set up an Apple ID can be found here: http://ipads.stpats.vic.edu.au/manuals-and-forms.html

To support parents in the implementation of the College’s iPad program, information on the iPad program will be presented as part of the 2018 Year 7 Orientation Day on November 5 and at the 2018 Year 7 Parent Information Night on February 1. There will be an opportunity to ask questions about the iPad at the end of the presentation.

You are encouraged to visit the College’s iPad Support website http://ipads.stpats.vic.edu.au/ where you will be able to access a range of information relating to the iPad program.

Spectre program for Years 10, 11 and 12 students:

2018 will see the continuation of the next phase of the eLearning plan affected through the expansion of the 1:1 program into the Senior School which started in 2016, which saw each Year 10 boy required to have his own next generation notebook and to bring this device to classes each day.

The decision to move from the iPad in Years 7-9 to a Windows-based notebook in the Senior School reflects the different learning needs of boys during their senior years. The convertible touchscreen notebook selected will support and further your son’s learning throughout his three years in the Senior School.

After extensive device review and evaluation, the College has selected the Hewlett-Packard EliteBook x360 1030 G2 as the Senior School device for 2018. The HP EliteBook x360 is a convertible touchscreen notebook which includes features such as:

  • A 13.3-inch diagonal touchscreen with Corning-® Gorilla-® Glass
  • A unique, durable 360-° hinge
  • HP’s thinnest convertible notebook with 14.9 mm thin design
  • Up to 16.5 hours of battery life
  • A weight of just 1.28 kg
  • 7th Generation i5 Intel processor
  • Spill resistant backlit keyboard with drain and Durakeys
  • Quick and efficient HP solid-state drives
  • Multitouch enabled screen and Active Stylus writing pen included

Most current Years 10 and 11 students will retain their current Spectre and take it with them into Year 11 or Year 12.

To make the Spectre as affordable as possible for all parents who have sons entering the Senior School in 2018, the College will administer a three-year lease (which will include the device, a writing stylus, a protective bag and all required software pre-installed). Based on current calculations, the annual lease cost is expected to be $565.00 for each of the three years of the lease (for a typical student entering Year 10 in 2018). Parents of 2018 Year 11 and/or Year 12 boys who will be new to St Patrick’s are asked to contact Mr Mark Holland, Director of ICT, for further information regarding lease arrangements. There will also be an insurance charge of $80.00 p.a.-

The costs associated with this lease and insurance will be directed to parents annually and will appear on the tuition fee account. The device will be owned by the parents/student once all lease payments have been made by the end of the student’s Year 12 (or earlier by negotiation should a student leave St Patrick’s before Year 12).

Years 10 students will be using their notebook to access the significant majority of the required text books and online resources. The eResource charge will be added to the tuition statement for your son.

The 2018 Booklist will be available later in during Term Four for the remaining text resources, workbooks and stationery items.

Year 10 students, along with Years 11 and 12 boys new to St Patrick’s, will participate in a -‘Notebook Boot Camp’ on Thursday February 1, 2018. At the Boot Camp, students will be instructed in the set-up and use of the notebook. Students will also cover a variety of other topics over the course of the day including backing-up the notebook, digital citizenship, ergonomics and digital literacy at the Boot Camp and in Pastoral Care sessions.

For further information on the St Patrick’s College 1:1 device program, please contact myself or Mr Mark Holland, Director of ICT.

eLearning Plan Review -“ Parent Survey

Previously, as part of St Patrick’s ongoing commitment to develop and deliver classroom programs which integrate contemporary teaching and learning pedagogy to meet the diverse learning needs of our students, parents were emailed details of the eLearning Plan review currently being conducted by the College.

Following is a link to a survey which asks you to reflect on your son’s eLearning experiences to-date and to consider the ways in which we can further eLearning at St Patrick’s College.

The survey can be accessed by clicking on the following link:


Many thanks to the significant number of parents who have already responded to the survey. Can I that additional responses are completed by Friday, November 10.

Your insights and feedback will be important if we are to develop and implement an eLearning program that meets and furthers your son’s ongoing learning needs.

Mr Stephen Hill

Deputy Headmaster – Teaching and Learning