Teaching and Learning Report – October 22, 2015

October 21, 2015

1:1 Program -“ update on 2016 devices

The introduction of iPads into Years 7-9 in 2014 has proven to be an important element in the implementation of the initial phase of the College’s eLearning strategic plan. 2016 will see the next phase of the eLearning plan affected through an expansion of the 1:1 program into the Senior School. From 2016, each Year 10 boy will be required to have his own next generation notebook and to bring this device to classes each day.

The decision to move from the iPad in Years 7-9 to a Windows-based notebook in the Senior School reflects the different learning needs of boys during their senior years. The convertible touchscreen notebook selected will support and further each boy’s learning throughout his three years in the Senior School.

After extensive device review and evaluation, the College has selected the Hewlett-Packard Spectre x360 Pro as the Senior School device. The Spectre x360 Pro is a convertible touchscreen notebook which includes features such as:

  • A 13.3-inch diagonal touchscreen

  • A unique, durable 360-° hinge

  • HP’s thinnest convertible notebook with 15.9 mm thin design

  • Up to 12.5 hours of battery life

  • A weight of just 1.44 kg

  • A powerful i5 Intel VPro processor

  • Quick and efficient HP solid-state drives

  • Multitouch enabled and Active Stylus writing support.

To make this device as affordable as possible for parents, the College will administer a three-year lease (which will include the device, an appropriate bag and all required software pre-installed). Based on current calculations, the annual lease cost is expected to be $485.00.

The costs associated with this lease will be directed to parents annually and will appear on the tuition fee account.- The device will be owned by the parents/student once all lease payments have been made by the end of the student’s Year 12 (or earlier by negotiation should a student leave St Patrick’s before Year 12).

An option will be available for those families that require an extended finance plan to conclude beyond the third-year of the lease i.e. after the boy completes Year 12. This may be negotiated or added to any existing Business Manager’s payment plan.

The 2016 1:1 program will operate as follows for the other year levels:

  • 2016 Year 7(parent purchased, school supported iPad)

  • 2016 Year 8(parent purchased, school supported iPad)

  • 2016 Year 9(retain school owned and supported iPad)

  • 2016 Year 11(retain school owned and supported iPad)

  • 2016 Year 12(given a school owned and supported iPad that will come from the return of devices from current Year 9)

As part of the transition to the Spectre x360 Pro, current Year 9 students will be required to return their school owned and supported iPad. This will take place at an appropriate time in December after the Year 9 exams. As part of the preparation for the return of this device, Year 9 parents are asked to ensure that their son still has the iPad charger and cord, the protective case and the neoprene sleeve provided to him at the time the device was issued. Any iPad returned without these peripherals will see the replacement cost added to the tuition fee account.

In recent years, Years 7-10 have been using LearningField to access subject specific electronic text resources. This arrangement will continue in 2016. While the College continues to work with LearningField regarding its pricing structure for VCE and VET text resources, it is anticipated that students will continue using printed texts for Years 11 and 12.

To support parents in the implementation of this next phase of the College’s 1:1 program, information on the program will be presented at the 2016 Parent/Student Information Night which will be held early in Term One of 2016. This evening will provide parents with information about the notebook and its use as a learning tool. Strategies for effective use and management of the notebook at home will also be discussed.

For further information on the St Patrick’s College 1:1 program, please contact Mr Mark Holland, Director of ICT, or myself.

2016 Booklist information

The first of the 2016 booklists, the 2016 VCE English studies novel list, has been distributed to current Years 10 and 11 boys. An electronic copy of this booklist has been placed on the College website – https://www.stpats.vic.edu.au/en/students-parents-staff/curriculum/booklists/

Please note the return date of Friday, November 6. Boys not submitting the novel list via the online option are asked to return the paper version of the booklist to the ERC by this date.

Purchased novels will be available for collection from the ERC on Monday, November 23.