Time Capsule idea

April 23, 2020

By Miss Karla – Learning Support Officer
In 30 years from now, (or even sooner), we might be that generation of people with just-in-case-stockpiles of sanitiser and toilet paper, boring our children and grandchildren with tales of the Great Pandemic of 2020. Only time, (or a time capsule), will tell whether we exaggerate or downplay the event.
I’ve started my Covid-19 Capsule and plan to include a journal, an empty toilet roll, and photographs of empty shelves, closed playgrounds, and 1.5m spaced queues. But I’m also including the positives: the letters from friends, photos of the world-wide Bear Hunt phenomenon, and maybe a soundtrack of the best Covid-19 songs. My capsule will be labelled TO BE OPENED 2050…but I may decide to open it sooner, if I ever start to feel that life is awfully hard or unfair. It will be my Assurance Policy: a little bit of bottled perspective to remind me that I can survive anything.
Miss Karla