Under 13 rugby report – May 16, 2015

May 16, 2015

SPC v Melbourne Grammar

The full time score does not look – pretty for the SPC boys, however this result is a lot more promising than the result alone would suggest.

While not wanting to take anything away from MGS most of the scores and line breaks were achieved by one player who had the advantage of size and speed on every other player on the pitch. – St Pats should be very pleased with their structure which was quite good for a team that is so raw. – We will catch up in size and speed and the Under 13 boys should take some heart from the under 14 team. – Last year, as year 7’s, they were beaten by about the same margin and came back 12 months later to trounce the same team.

The deficiencies that we have are anything that can’t be fixed. – Tackling is the one area where we need to improve, a number of tackles were missed because of boys using the -grab- technique instead of the -wrap-. – Mr Antrobus spoke of the impressive second half and that he was very proud that not one SPC head – dropped despite the half time score. – Some improved work by our forwards meant that we began to string phase’s together and put pressure on MGS who began to make mistakes of their own, giving away penalties and allowing St Pats to score twice through their -go to- man in John Debono. – Chin up boys and continue to work hard.