Under 13 rugby report – May 30, 2015

June 1, 2015

Under 13 v Brighton Grammar

With a couple of strong runners, Brighton Grammar proved too strong for our U13 team playing at home. As I have already articulated with enough clarity where we let ourselves down on the day, I thought it would be more constructive in this report to focus instead on what we did well.

The five minutes of dedicated defence when the team held Brighton off from our try line was some of the best school boy rugby I’ve seen; not just from our team but from any team I’ve watched. Let that be our bench mark for the rest of the season.-

The few times when we did push up with our defensive line we made the opposition look silly; they dropped the ball and caused a turn over. Let’s commit ourselves to putting that pressure on them not just once or twice but at every breakdown, line out and scrum.

The tries they scored were mostly all on the wing. This meant they had to run around our line rather than straight through it. We can take this to mean that our tackling is on the improve.

We had good numbers at the break down meaning that more boys are beginning to get involved in the play. Once we have improved our body position at the ruck we won’t be so easy to push off.

Individually speaking, most boys are showing signs of improvement each week.

Final score was 34-5.-

Jackson Kurzman, playing down the age group for his first game, was our try scorer.