Unveiling our Main Oval picket fence

May 31, 2024

The College’s Main Oval picket fence was officially unveiled recently in the culmination of a four-year million-dollar project to revamp SPC’s hallowed turf.

The huge project has involved the reconfiguration, reorientation and resurfacing of the Main Oval, with turf and drainage technology ensuring an unparalleled playing surface for future generations of talented footballers, cricketers, athletes and physical education students.

The picket fence, complete with hundreds of personalised plaques from current families, Old Collegians and their families, was on official show recently in a perfect pairing with an ACC Football match being played on the oval between SPC’s First XVIII Football team against Whitefriars College.

We were delighted to welcome members of the SPC community, who had purchased a picket, to come along and see their personalised pickets first-hand in all their glory.

For some, the plaques offered the opportunity to reflect on their own time at SPC, their personal accomplishments, fondest memories and dedications, and for others, it acts as a permanent memorial for SPC family members who have since passed away.

You can still purchase your own personalised plaque to be erected on one of our pickets by going to this link – www.trybooking.com/BSAAP

Steve Moneghetti (SPC 1975-80) checks out his personalized picket.

Max Perovich (SPC 1972-78), left, and John McMahon (SPC 1978-79) with their picket which they dedicated to fellow classmate Wayne Carmichael (SPC 1975-78), who was their First XVIII Football captain in 1978 and played in the First XVIII side for an impressive three years.

College Principal Steven O’Connor with 2017 College Captain Mitch Tuddenham and his mum Susan with their picket.

SPC Legend Michael Kearney (SPC 1962-67) next to his personalized picket.

Longtime former staff member, past parent and current grandmother Glenis Kydd alongside her picket, which showcases her family’s connections with SPC.

Courtney Walsh (SPC 1989-94) and his mum Deneise Walsh look at their family picket.

Former staff member Paul Nolan (SPC 1991-93) takes a closer look at his family’s picket.

Former staff member Elie Knox with her picket.

Jack Keating (SPC 1955-57) checks out his personalized picket.

Old Collegian Shane Warke (SPC 1993-98), who played in the 1997 & 1998 First XI Cricket team and was captain of the 1998 First XI side, looks at his plaque with his mum Sharyn.

Wayne and Jacinta Buckingham in front of the plaque in memory of Jacinta’s father, Peter Giuliano (SPC 1945-48).

Gerard Torpy (SPC 1961-65) in front of his personalized plaque.