VCAL Citizen Science Project

October 26, 2020

These plants used to be common in western Victoria.  Do you know what these plants are?

If you are like most people, your answer would be, no.  They are called Murrnong and their roots or tubers were cultivated and harvested by the indigenous people.  They have become rare in this area possibly due to grazing and clearing.

The Year 11 VCAL class are partnering with Federation University in a citizen science project.  We along with some other schools, private individuals and clubs will plant, grow and investigate these plants over the next few months. The College environmental justice group SAGERS will also assist in tending the plants.

This week the VCAL set up the garden boxes as wicking beds (semi-self-watering garden beds).  They also planted the Murrnong and will also plant some other edible plants.