VCAL Update – August 10, 2018

August 9, 2018

Applied Learning Program

This week, a large number of potential new candidates for Applied Learning for next year have started the information gathering process. In among all the acronyms; VCAL (Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning, VET (Vocational Education and Training in Schools) SBAT (School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships) and VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education), just to list a few, there are young men who need to make important choices for their future and families who want to support them.

We, the staff team in Applied Learning, are available for consultation at this time.

Just contact Ms Lyn Maniz via email at or on voicemail at 53314342.

Information session for Parents

I must pass on my warm and sincere congratulations to the five boys who represented the Program so positively in front of around 30 parents of Year 9 boys on Wednesday evening August 1 in the OCA pavilion.

Thanks to Jamison, a Year 10 student, Pou, Chris, Eddie Year 12 students and Kayne, a year 11 student for their incredibly positive responses to questions.

I need to clarify that the boys were un-coached and un-rehearsed for this event. I am so proud of them.


Things can move incredibly quickly in the world of Applied Learning.

A short conversation with Zak on Thursday led to an email being sent out to staff, and within an hour we had offers from six members of staff to donate pushbikes. Zak’s idea to renovate the bikes to donate to the Christmas appeal is well underway as I write, on Friday morning!

This project meets outcomes in Literacy (process photojournal), Numeracy (budget, measurements) and Work Related Skills (safe work practices, MSDS for oils, solvents and grease). Zak will lead the project, which helps him develop project management skills.

Quite apart from that, I’m very impressed with this proactive initiative. The boys have themselves decided to make a valuable contribution to the community at Christmas time.

I’m thankful to a number of members of staff at St Pat’s who have donated their old pushbikes.

In other news-¦

Keep an eye out for a number of sustainability initiatives over the coming months. Applied Learning students and Year 9 Community Service students will be working on producing beeswax food wraps as part of the St Pat’s SAGERS -‘nude food’ week.

The recycled denim project has commenced, again in collaboration with Year 9 students who have been cutting up old denim garments to repurpose as grocery shopping bags.

AND; we are hoping to create another PaddyMart in time for Fathers’ Day.

Ms Lyn Maniz

Applied Learning Coordinator