VCAL Update – June 7, 2018

June 6, 2018

Applied Learning Program at St Patrick’s College

** Save the Date** October 18 from 6 pm at the OCA Pavilion, Applied Learning Celebration Evening.

As the second year of Applied Learning Program at St Pat’s proceeds, it is timely to focus on boys’ achievements. The boys making Bluetooth speakers has been a very successful and engaging project, under Mr Willey’s guidance. Each boy has had an opportunity to tailor the box for the speakers to suit his individual preferences. This may include for example; mitre joints, dovetail joints, dowelled joints and different surface treatments such as photo -‘etching’ and painting or staining. All these tasks meet outcomes in Numeracy and Work Related Skills.

We have been very impressed by the large number of boys who are working towards completing their George Hamm Awards at Bronze, Silver or Gold standard. Many boys have already completed their 30 hours of Community Service or Recreation, which has been logged and signed off by their mentor or coach. We really appreciate the efforts most boys have made to invest in these tasks, and it’s great that we can acknowledge and recognize their contributions to the wider community as part of their assessment in Personal Development Skills. We are very much looking forward to the camping Expedition towards the end of the year. (More information soon!)

Most boys have now completed their Applied Learning exams. This included a task analyzing a media article about workplace bullying. Of course we hope this never occurs in any workplace which our boys experience, however it is important to prepare them as future employees and employers for the strategies for dealing with, and the long term consequences of these issues. This was a Literacy task.

The practical session was a business building task; quite literally! Boys made a scale model of a future workplace, using a basic plan as a guide and tailoring the structure to their own preferences. Much creativity was evident. We have everything from Jamison’s Restaurant, to Harry’s builder’s workshop (one with an elaborate apartment above), to a mechanic’s business and many more. See the attached photos..

We will continue to develop these models as part of the -Business Builders- unit of work in Senior and Intermediate. The expectation is that each boy will have a completed model, including landscaping and interior fit out, by the middle of term three. In addition, we will host a number of guest speakers who will be looking at business accounting; tax, wages, overheads and so on. These tasks meet Numeracy outcomes.

Major project planning is already well underway for next Semester. In the final part of the exam, boys proposed an event for the Caravan, which will be with Loreto College for the next few weeks, having electrical wiring and the Solar panel connected, the windows installed and the interior and exterior designs done. Again, we had some great ideas generated, including Ethan’s -‘pop up slice shop’, Pou’s -‘hot dogs at the grand final’, and Tyson’s -‘furniture and toy shop for Christmas’.

Our Intermediate RE class has made progress on the modelling of the crucifix for our space. This artefact of their learning has symbolic meaning for all the boys who participate in the design and making of plaques to embellish the cross. Each boy has helped to develop a universal theme which represents their values. We will be carving these plaques, starting in the last week of term two. We have also studied -Pay it Forward- and -Harvie Krumpet- both films which give differing views of the human condition. We are looking forward to better weather so that we can complete some of the Reflective Walk installations around the back of the school.

To view some- photos of the Applied Learning students in action please click on the following link: