VCAL Update – March 9, 2017

March 8, 2017

Applied Learning Program at St Pats!!

In Applied Learning we are in completion mode with quite a large volume of paperwork being generated by all the boys, to meet outcomes in Literacy (Reading and Writing for Knowledge) Numeracy (Geometric 3D shapes) Work Related Skills (Occupational Health and Safety working with cement) and Personal Development Skills (Teamwork, to create a design for our next PaddyMart).

The next PaddyMart, in which clover leaf and green themed products will be available for students and staff to purchase, will happen on St Patrick’s Day, Friday March 17.

In addition, the practical project proposals for individuals and groups to complete a longer term negotiated project of their choosing, are under consideration and will be approved soon.

Boys are in the final stages of making their portfolios ready for presentation in the last week of term. We will be excited to see thorough work, excellence in presentation and thoughtfully completed tasks. Boys have been advised to put their time and energy into preparing a portfolio that they would be proud to show a potential employer, with photographic and other evidence of their learning.

Parents may now view the Outcomes on PAM.