VCAL Update – May 25, 2017

May 24, 2017

As the year has progressed it is wonderful to see the boys developing independence in their learning. We have a number of exciting excursions coming up, with industry visits being the focus, supporting the theme of Employability for this term. So far most boys have visited Ballarat Pressings and Laminex Industries.

In addition, drawing on skills developed last term, the boys have run another PaddyMart for Mother’s Day, with the funds from this market being allocated towards the Pink Ribbon Foundation.

The PaddyMart sells hand made goods to students and staff members, focusing on sustainable resources, taking products from raw materials to retail, and this term, on the Production Line method of working, which is different from last term’s focus on Batch Production.

I welcome a number of new members of staff into the team: Mr John Sullivan, Ms Marrian Haddrick, Ms Katherine Clegg, Mr Matt Taylor, all for a session a week, and Ms Janelle Spierings who joins us for six sessions a week. This time will enable Mr Joosten and I to invest in planning and preparation for the rest of the year.

Kind regards

Lyn Maniz