Wellbeing Report

June 5, 2020

By Mrs Elizabeth Ryan, Deputy Principal

The return of our senior students last week gave me the opportunity to witness the sheer joy each boy has in the company of his peers. It also gave all in leadership an opportunity to fine tune the many changes to routine and practice which have been implemented to ensure the safety and welling of all as they return to the new normal.

One thing is clear – we cannot let our guard down and as the remainder of the student cohort join us on-site next week. We will continue to enforce the strict measures and practices put in place for the provision of an effective and safe learning experience on-site.

Remote learning has proved very challenging for some students. Please be assured that everyone in Student Services is here to support those students who may struggle as they become reacquainted with our routines and structures that will engage them in meaningful learning experiences. Parents are invited to communicate with your son’s pastoral care teacher, year level coordinator or one of our counselling team if you have any concerns.

I was reading an article during the week which outlined several pointers that may assist parents as they support their son to manage this transition stage.

  • Some students will be keen to return; others may be anxious.
  • Attending school means a return to routine. The school routines can reduce stress and anxiety for most students because they can meet with their friends, have opportunities to interact with others, and enjoy a wider environment than when they were restricted to their home.
  • When your son returns to school, it is important that they do so with your confidence that school is okay. It is unhelpful to share your own or other’s anxiety about this decision for students to return to school or concerns you may have about any of them falling behind in their education this year.
  • Ask your son if he has any questions or concerns about returning to school.
  • Discuss their concerns calmly and encourage them to consider which school staff they can speak to regarding schoolwork related concerns.
  • Remind them they are also able to speak to one of the school counsellors if they are feeling anxious or have other wellbeing concerns.
  • When talking about return to school with your child, refrain from using the word “unsafe” about school because it may have a negative effect on them settling back into school.
  • Check they have all school equipment/books/ water bottles and food packed ready for the start of the school day.
  • If your son has been going to bed late and getting up late, encourage him to start going to bed about 15 minutes earlier the week before their return date to begin to adjust to school wake up times.
  • Remind your son to greet his friends without bear hugs.