Wellbeing Report

June 19, 2020

By Mrs Elizabeth Ryan, Deputy Principal


Moving into Term 3 the amended canteen arrangements where students have the opportunity to pre-order lunch items via the Ultimate Schools online ordering system and also purchase a limited range of pre-packaged items in a cashless setting at recess and lunchtime will continue into Term 3. The Canteen will not, at this point in time, return to a cashless based purchasing system.

Child Safe Policy

The Child Safe Policy – Student Version has been approved by Student Council and the Student Body and is now available at the following link  Child Safety Policy – Student Version and is also on the College website.

Cancelled Themed Casual Clothes Day

The Year 12 Student Council today hosted a casual clothes day with the theme cancelled.

The boys were encouraged to wear casual clothes today and dress up in the theme of something which has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

While many have come in their favourite sporting kits others have been very creative in dressing around the cancelled theme.

Please click on the below link to view a gallery of some our students dressing up in the cancelled theme. https://www.stpats.vic.edu.au/news/cancelled-themed-casual-clothes-day/

Upcoming Term Break

We hope everyone has a wonderful break in the upcoming holidays and a reminder that Term 2 concludes on Thursday June 25 at 3.25pm.