Wellbeing report – April 17, 2015

April 17, 2015

Dear Parents, Friends and Students of St Patrick’s College,

It was great to see the return of the boys to school this week, bringing an empty school back to life again after the two week break. Students are the beating heart of a school and make it an enjoyable privilege to work with and teach-”complete with both their challenges and successes. Welcome to the new students who have joined us this term, and to their families.

Moving Forward

Without planning and setting goals one can end up going nowhere. That is the message we deliver to our senior students about their studies and career aspirations. It also applies to St Patrick’s College as a school. A significant step being taken in the near future regarding the future of St Patrick’s College is the development of the College Strategic Plan 2015 -“ 2018. You may recall that a consultation process was undertaken with students, staff, parents, old Collegians and Board members in Term 3 last year. A reference group was developed to discern the data and develop the draft Strategic Plan for 2015-2018. The reference group comprised of the following staff -“ Mr Jon Franzin Deputy Headmaster -“ Wellbeing (Chair), Mr Stephen Hill Deputy Headmaster Teaching & Learning, Mr John Richards -“ Head of Junior School, Mr Paul Nolan -“ Director of Development, Ms Nikki Hexter 1:1 Coordinator, students -“ Paddy Collier Year 12, John Brodie Year 11, Mitch Tuddenham Year 10 and a Board Representative Dr Denise Corboy along with Mr Bob White from Edmund Rice Education Australia. I would like to personally acknowledge and thank the reference group for their work in the development of the draft strategic plan. Feedback is being sought with regards to the draft plan over the next few weeks and it is hoped that the Strategic Plan will be approved by the College Board later this term.-

Edmund Rice Day -“ Tuesday 5 May-

Taking time to celebrate as a family or community, or simply to acknowledge the importance of our traditions and beliefs, without having to justify that in terms of productive use of time, is something we need to take a stand on. We do this little enough at St Patrick’s, and need to do more; however, one of the main celebrations of our traditions each year occurs in Week 4, that is the Feast Day of Blessed Edmund Rice (Tuesday May 5). This is a celebration of the life of the founder of our schools, the Irishman Edmund Rice, who became a holy man through the great work of providing schooling to uneducated boys and young men, particularly the poor and disadvantaged. Through the order he founded, the Christian Brothers, schools were started all over the world, including many in Australia. Thirty eight of these schools now continue under the banner of Edmund Rice Education Australia, the body that now carries on the founder’s work, and of which we are all a part. We will celebrate with a mass in the gymnasium followed by the annual Walkathon and St Pat’s Has Talent.

I remind parents and students that Edmund Rice Day is a compulsory day for all students. Obviously there will be legitimate circumstances such as illness that may prevent some students from attending. For these situations parents are asked to contact the school on the day of the absence and leave a detailed message on the absentee line. This should be followed up with a note when the student returns.-

Students are reminded that money raised needs to be returned to the College by Tuesday 5 May. Students are also reminded to wear sensible clothing on the day so that they are able to fully participate including a jacket in case of inclement weather.

Best wishes for the week ahead.