Wellbeing Report – August 27, 2015

August 26, 2015

Father’s Day Mass and Breakfast

As a boys’ school, Fathers’ Day has special importance, both because of the need of boys for good father figures to help in their development, but also because most of our boys will in turn become fathers themselves -“ the greatest vocation and role they can have. Happy Fathers’ Day next Sunday to all the fathers in our community -“ a gift, a challenge and a role so important to the health of our community.

The love, role-modelling, moral guidance and companionship a father can provide to his growing child cannot easily be substituted for by another. Yes, in some cases there is no alternative but for mothers, relatives, grandparents or others to have to fill the gap due to many and varied circumstances, for example divorce, which results in the absence of a father. But it would be a mistake to therefore discount the role-”fatherhood is unique, precious and the greatest responsibility most men will ever be presented with, far beyond other personal or professional goals and achievements.

At the centre of this is creative love. A love that is not only the genesis of a new life, but gives as that child grows and achieves independence-”a love that will sacrifice itself to the end. The ultimate model for this is the relationship between Jesus and the Father-”a divine relationship. The great religious feasts-”Christmas and Easter, are built around the living out of the relationship between Father and Son-”birth, death and new life. Fathers’ Day has some secular parallels, and when we strip away the commercialisation, it is a celebration of a human and divine relationship in which all fathers and children participate.

We therefore look forward to many father’s, grandfather’s and male mentors joining us next week for the annual Father’s Day Mass and breakfast which will be held on Friday 4 September in the College Chapel followed by breakfast in the OCA Pavilion. Reserve your place by clicking here.

On a related matter, many thanks to those Fathers who have registered for the upcoming inaugural Father and Son evening which will be held on Thursday September 10 commencing at 7pm in the O’Malley Gymnasium. Details about registration- can be found by clicking on this link– and I would encourage all Fathers and mentors of boys in Year 10 to be involved.

Please contact Ms Kerrie Leach -“ Administrative Officer Leadership at the College should you have any further questions or need assistance with registration.

Best wishes for the week ahead.

Jon Franzin

Deputy Headmaster -“ Wellbeing