Wellbeing Report – December 1, 2016

November 30, 2016

Dear Parents,

As the year draws quickly to a close I have some information to share and thank you for all your support of not only me but all our staff at St Patrick’s College in 2016.

College Bike Sheds and General Safety.

This term we have had some theft of bicycles from the College. Our bike sheds are now locked each morning after class starts and unlocked just before the last class of each day concludes. We expect that boys lock their bikes each day.

When leaving the College we ask that boys obey the road rules and be safe. It has come to my attention that groups of boys throughout the year have been crossing Sturt dangerously further down the road from the College. We have not been able to see when this is actually happening but have had to rely upon concerned neighbours reporting the issues. This occurs on Sturt Street, one of our busiest roads in Ballarat. A Ballarat City Council study has found that there are nearly 30, 000 cars that commute along Sturt Street each day.

Can I please ask that if your boys travel towards Loreto on the way home on their bikes that you speak to them and make sure that your son is not one of the students engaging in this practice. This advice also applies to boys who are rowers who ride their bikes to training after school. We hope and pray that all the boys travel safely and get home safe and sound.

Some Decisions about Our Uniform Policy and Practice

There will be a renewed focus upon a correctly worn uniform in 2017.- We have also decided that the issue of the untidy nature of some boys’ hairstyles needs to be addressed.

We would like to avoid a purely punitive approach and for the boys to come to understand that uniform, worn well, is part of the fabric of the St Patricks community.

Working in partnership with us, what can you as parents do?

  • Please make sure your sons read this newsletter article and the letter that will go home to each family.

  • Make sure that they are dressed correctly when they leave the house.

  • If their shirts are two or three years old and too small to tuck in please purchase another one, in readiness for a clean, fresh start for 2017. If any financial assistance is needed parents are encouraged to contact Year Level Coordinators.

  • If their hair is too long, which means hanging below their collar or too long to tie back, they need to get a haircut.

  • Boys who have started to grow dreadlocks are expected to rectify this over the Summer break.

  • Boys whose hair is very untidy due to the amount of hair product in their hair will also be directed to adjust their hairstyle choices.

  • If you receive a letter from a Year Coordinator in 2017 the near future to rectify any issues, please support our school culture by working with the Year Coordinators.

As always, your son’s pastoral needs come first so if any of the above concerns you please make contact with your son’s pastoral tutor to discuss your concerns.

Be assured, every teacher feels blessed to be on staff at St Patrick’s College and want to spend their time on teaching and learning, and helping the boys develop and access all that is on offer at the College.

To the many students who wear their uniform correctly every day, well done! You are great model for all students and we really value your commitment. Lets’ hope all boys can do the same.

I would like to thank all the parents and boys for your warm welcome in my first year at St Patrick’s College. Whilst the year has flown I have many reflections of boys and parents who have affirmed our College, raised concerns, and most importantly given constructive criticism where needed as to how to improve aspects of the College community. We all are on a life long journey of learning and improving, and we walk this journey together with all of you. –

Have a safe and enjoyable Christmas break. May the peace that Jesus wants for us all be a blessing upon you and your families over the coming weeks and months.