Wellbeing Report – February 18, 2016

February 17, 2016

Dear Parents-¦

HEAD OF THE LAKE: This year’s Head of the Lake will take place on Friday Feb 26th. – All Year 12 will take part in the day from 11.30 onwards. This is great day of fun, excitement and healthy interaction between the secondary colleges of Ballarat. Siblings of rowers have also been invited to attend. Please make sure you have filled out the permission forms that all Year 12 have received and additional copies are available at Student Services.

We need your support to talk with your sons about the importance of respectful behaviour towards each other and other Ballarat school and community groups who be attending Head of The Lake. Our aim is to congratulate each every member of the Yr 12 Spit Crew on the day and continue to be proud of the boys.

Please take the time to speak to your sons who are directly about the wonderful privilege that this great event is for all involved.


Below is slightly altered version of what I asked staff to consider at this point of the First Term. Students are starting to get comfortable at this stage of the term and teachers are becoming well and truly aware of their learning needs and social, emotional needs.

  • Class norms/expectations- does your son feel listened to, safe and happy with how his classes are progressing? Is he being challenged, learning and growing as a person?

  • If your son has stumbled and made some mistakes has he -‘LEARNT’ how to make better choices in the future?Every interaction needs to a learning experience for the boys as they grow and mature. Please hold us accountable as we strive to support your son.

  • Have the set tasks been adjusted for your son when needed- a real key to engagement and helping students experience a sense of connectedness that they are valued and understood.

  • Praise, praise, praise- we know how boys love it and thrive on it. Ask your son if he has been praised and valued, publically and/or individually by his teachers. We would hope each boy experiences this at St Pats. Follow up with his teachers if you think he needs some more affirmation.

  • The many wonderful moments that occur for the boys are sometimes hidden deep in a grunting -‘good’ when you ask how their day was. It is a bit like digging for gold. You will never know what you find until you dig with hope and endeavour.

If you have a question of concern or would like to thank a teacher for the care, interest and teaching they have provided for your son then please make contact with your son’s teachers.

I received an email from a family that were very pleased with how their son had settled into school life at St- Pats this week. It reminded me of the great vocation I am proud to be a part of.

I also sat with some parents last week and listened to their concerns about their son’s issues at school. It was great to be able to help.

Both experiences reminded me of why the staff at St Pats got into this education caper in the first place. We are here to help each individual boy find their way in life and to tap into the massive potential that sits with each of the boys. All our staff, teaching and non-teaching are here for your sons.

Please do not hesitate to make contact, our calling as Catholic Educators is to go that extra mile for your son’s wellbeing and education.

– Take Care

God Bless

Mr Gerard Sullivan –

Deputy Headmaster – Wellbeing