Wellbeing Report – March 28, 2018

March 27, 2018

End of Term I

The end of term has come about quickly and all parents will be able to access their sons Interim Report via PAM from 4.00pm on Thursday March 29. Following this you will receive an email with information regarding the online booking system for the Years 8 -“ 9 Parent/Student/Teacher interviews scheduled for Thursday April 19 (from 4.00pm to 8.30pm).

I would encourage all parents to sit with their son(s) and go through their Interim Reports with them. It is important to discuss the strengths and weaknesses as indicated by teachers with the boys and to hold them accountable for their results. Further I would encourage parents of students in years 8 and 9 to make appointments with your son’s teachers on April 19. Please don’t be put off by your son saying that it is not necessary to come in and talk with his teachers -“ regardless of the status of his Interim report, teachers welcome the opportunity to discuss the progress he is making in their classes. This conversation can happen at any stage but I feel that it is important to take advantage of a time put aside for these conversations to take place. Please come along and talk with us about your son(s) and the progress being made this year.

Edmund Rice Day

– Donation cards and information about the 2018 Edmund Rice Day Walkathon which will take place on Friday May 4 have been distributed to your son. You will also receive an email from the College providing you with a copy of the term two calendar and outlining this event.

The Student Council have decided that they would like to raise $40,000 in this year’s Edmund Rice Day Walkathon. That equates to about $40 per boy. Again, I would encourage each boy to make a start on asking for donations from friends, family and neighbours during the holidays. The money raised will go directly to various agencies and places who appreciate the generous support we give them as a school. Encourage your son to make a big effort this year and to reach the $40 target!

– There are many gifts that education brings for the young, and I believe that one of the great gifts that St Patrick’s College offers as an Edmund Rice school is the gift of empowerment. This week at SPC we begin the process of launching our annual Walkathon.- –

We are lucky on many counts to have this Walkathon. Firstly, it gives the boys a sense of history. They are joining the generations of others who undertook these small selfless acts to raise money for good things for people in need. With this they begin the process of understanding the incredible joy of Christian charity – that unique Christian insight that teaches us that the greatest joy in life comes from service, not being self-serving.- But for me today another great lesson comes from the fact that the Walkathon is an antidote to the cynicism and powerlessness brought on by our global village. In our small community, using our Edmund Rice networks, we have connected with other communities across the globe to identify real need and to support people in ways that genuinely transform their lives.

Term 1 – Thank you

I would like to congratulate all students and their families for the tremendous start to the school year. We welcomed up to 300 new students to the College which brought our total number to 1356. It is a credit to the boys, their families and the staff here that so many students are enthusiastic about their schooling and are developing a connection and sense of belonging to St Patrick’s.-

The term has had many highlights, including the three main whole school events; Swimming Carnival, Athletics Carnival and St Patrick’s Day Mass and Assembly. These events, along with the regular curriculum, sporting and music offerings have resulted in a very busy term but also one that we hope the boys have enjoyed. We would like to commend the efforts of all the students, especially those who have generously given their time outside of normal classes to represent the College with distinction.

We would like to thank all parents and students who have supported the College’s three major events that have all taken place during Term One. These events are crucial in developing a school culture that reflects the values we stand for. The College events take an enormous amount of time to prepare and both staff and students devote hours of work to ensure they run smoothly and are enjoyable experiences for the boys.

In light of the importance we place on these events, it is disappointing when students do no attend and even more disappointing when parental permission is given for students to miss the event for what seem to be frivolous reasons. Students often put pressure on parents and carers to stay at home or miss school for a variety of reasons so it is crucial that parents support the College and insist students attend school except in cases where they are genuinely ill.

Term Two Reminders


Thanks to all boys that continually wear their uniform correctly, i.e. top buttons done up, ties correctly positioned, shirts tucked in, suit coats worn to and from school and their hair according to the College guidelines.- –


All students will be required to wear their suitcoats to and from school during terms 2 and 3. Spray jackets CANNOT be used to replace the suitcoat.- Pray jackets may be worn as the outer garment to protect the suitcoat from rain or provide an extra layer of warmth.


All boys are reminded that when they return in Term Two, they should be wearing navy blue trousers. Boys are to wear trousers during the Winter terms of Terms Two and Three. Trousers are available for purchase from The College Shop. If required, trousers should be purchased before term commences to avoid any problems with uniform once the term commences on April 17.


Holidays are often a very good time to have a haircut to tidy up and get ready for a new school term. A number of boys are pushing the College’s guidelines on acceptable haircuts and styles presently and rather than leading to the inevitable clash, I would expect boys to show some initiative, make sure their hair is acceptable and avoid this conflict at school. Guidelines are published in our uniform policy for anyone unsure


Students are able to purchase College Scarves from The College Shop at a cost of $15. These woolen scarves are navy blue with an embroidered College Crest.

Thank you

Thanks to all boys who show respect for themselves, their peers, staff and others within our community. Thanks to all boys who respect the learning environment at St Patrick’s College and strive to do their best at all times.

– Thanks to all staff members at St Patrick’s College for your diligent efforts and the opportunities that you have provided throughout Term One. Without the generosity and willingness of staff, activities such as camps, excursions and liturgies could not take place.

I hope that all members of the St Patrick’s College community have an opportunity to relax and enjoy time with their families over Easter. Good luck to all involved with the Canberra Rugby Tour and the Europe History Tour over the holidays including students and staff!

I hope that all boys and their families have a holy Easter and a happy holiday to end what has been a very busy first term! I look forward to seeing all boys back at school on Tuesday, April 17 for class.

Mrs Elizabeth Ryan