Wellbeing Report – March 3, 2016

March 2, 2016

Head of the Lake

Last Friday I was very proud of two groups of students.

The wonderful team of rowers who won the regatta for the day

Mr Peter Joyce, his team of coaches and rowing captains were a real team. They collaborated as a team, supported by families who dropped the boys off, picked them up and made sure their sons survived the training schedule and kept on task with their schooling. There was as real sense of a rowing family, so much more powerful than a rowing team. Thank you to Peter for leading the rowers and also for the parental support that has made it all possible. I was struck by the humility of our Rowing Captain, Dallas Martin. In his acceptance speech at the end of the day he spoke to all rowers as equals and is a great example of the quality of boys that we have at this great school. In the end it is really about how considerate and kind towards others that the boys are and Dallas did this with class and poise, traits of a great young man.

The Spit Crew

A huge congratulations to all the boys involved in the Spit Crews (and all the teachers who accompanied the boys). They were respectful, unified and enjoyed the day. It was a great day out. When the boys gather together as a positive group they are capable of doing great things. Well done to all, particularly the Spit Crew leaders, and their leader for the day, Jacob Brown.


My mother, who had four sons, always made us sit down and talk about -‘stuff’. My brothers and I always complained but secretly loved being listened to, deeply and authentically.

A quote that I shared with the staff this week-¦

– -‘Listening to Others’ -‘As well as taking the time to listen to our own thoughts and emotions, active and effective listening is at the heart of great meetings (and families!) and collaborative work. Listening to objections and hearing only feedback and connection rather than criticism and opposition is a crucial skill, too.– – How To Be A Productivity NINJA (Allcott 2014: pg 35)

Listening is paramount for all of us, parents and staff, is the vocation of raising great young men. As I reflect on my last week there are definitely moments where in hindsight I could have listened better.

Where might you have listened better?

What have you heard from your sons?

What have you missed?

Listening improves our individual and collective wellbeing. Keep on listening-¦

Take Care

God Bless

Mr Gerard Sullivan –

Deputy Headmaster – Wellbeing