Wellbeing Report – May 16, 2019

May 15, 2019

Mother’s Day Mass and Breakfast

Last Friday approximately 650 gathered for our annual Mother’s Day Mass and breakfast.

Once again, despite the horrendous weather, mothers, grandmothers and students braved the elements to participate in a celebration full of joy, laughter and warmth.

This year we trialled accommodating all attendees in the same venue to remove the perceived preferential seating debate (you know that old chestnut-¦Pavilion, Boarders’ Dining Room and Canteen). The perceived preferential treatment was always far from the truth as bookings have always been on a first in, best seated policy!-

However, in 2019 we bit the bullet and this year’s celebration was held in the Br W. T. O’Malley Sports Centre. With the addition of hired carpet, hired tables and borrowed chairs, and by forewarning all to -rug up- – it was certainly a winner.

All in our community who wished to attend were able to come together and celebrate -mothers-. Thanks to all for the joy of your presence.

Holistic Education

As an educator, one sometimes has cause to wonder whether all the -little things- – aside from teaching of the 3Rs – really make any difference in the grand scheme of things.

This week I will argue with great certainty and confidence that they do.

A holistic and liberating education places great significance on relationships and basic human values within the educational setting.

Following a rocky incident last week where some students were called to account, I was heartened and left so proud of the culprits.

Why I hear you ask? Well, they took full ownership of their actions.

They did not prevaricate, deny or argue the toss.

In contrast, they were frank, honest and took full responsibility for their actions.

Further, I am so proud to say, that all bar one, came separately and voluntarily of their own accord, to apologise for their actions and any distress caused.

Surely that is what we, in partnership with you, their parents, want for your sons.

Young men who will take responsibility for themselves and their actions. Young men who can acknowledge that they may at times make poor decisions but who, as they grow in maturity, will become great young men of integrity?

SHREK (May 22 – May 25, 2019)

Following nine months of rehearsals full of dancing lessons, singing lessons, memorising scripts, mastering stunts and plain hard work, the cast and crew are ready for the opening night of Shrek: The Musical.

The annual St Patricks/ Loreto College production will once again be held in the- Mary’s Mount Centre at Loreto College and I encourage all to come along and join the people of Duloc to see for yourself the antics of donkey, the beautiful Princes Fiona and our favourite green ogre. Tickets can be purchased via www.trybooking.com/BBQLU.

Chicken Pox

Parents please note there has been one confirmed case of chicken pox in the junior school. Parents may wish to check their son’s vaccination status.