Wellbeing Report – May 25, 2017

May 24, 2017

Proposed Changes to the College Uniform

After many months of hard work the Uniform Committee has tabled for consideration two amendments to the St Patricks College School uniform. Part of the change process is student and community consultation.

Both changes are in relation to the Summer uniform (impacting terms one and four) and neither negate the College suit, shirt and tie for -formal occasions-. Should any of these changes move forward they would be phased in across a couple of years.

The changes?

The first is an addition to the College Sock Collection

  • It is propose to introduce a short -¾ length cotton sock. To be worn with the summer shorts as opposed to the current knee high sock. A sample of these socks is available for inspection in the College shop.

The second is an addition to the College Shirt Collection

It is proposed to introduce a short sleeved, opened collar, white hemmed shirt which would have the Crest embedded onto the left hand pocket located on the chest.

  • As it is has an open collar no tie would accompany this shirt.

  • Further, as it is hemmed it would not be tucked in but worn over the waist band of the shorts. A sample of the shirt is available for inspection in the College shop.

Student leaders will be visiting Pastoral care groups over the next two weeks giving all student the opportunity to peruse the sample items and provide feedback. Community feedback is also sought and very welcome.

Kind regards, Mrs Elizabeth Ryan

Pastoral Care at St Patrick’s College

As part of our pastoral care program at St Patrick’s College, there are a range of wellbeing related events, which include guest speakers, seminars and workshops.- These events are designed to facilitate the development of our students’ emotional intelligence, and to enhance our classroom pastoral care program across years 7 to 12.- The last week has been a busy time with regards to our wellbeing programs.- Last Friday, 19th May saw our Year 11 students attend the annual Fit2Drive workshop.- F2DS is a half-day workshop, written specifically for Year 11 students, which supports them to make good decisions when faced with risky driving situations, both as passengers, and in terms of their future driving safety.- The workshop is focused on changing attitudes and behaviours, rather than focusing on driving skills.- Students are empowered to take ownership of this crucial responsibility as future road users, and more broadly, the aim of F2D is to reduce youth road trauma.- Our students were highly engaged with the workshop facilitators, and many students commented on the positive messages received as a result of experiencing this session.-

More recently, on Tuesday night, 23rd May, over 300 of our Year 7 students and their mothers attended the annual Mother Son night in the gymnasium.- The night was facilitated by Bill Jennings, who focused on the vital transition from primary school to secondary college, and how this impacts both the student and their mother and/or mentor.- The event had two major components, firstly, in which all participants took part in one-on-one discussions with a mother or son they did not know, followed by discussions between mothers and sons separately.- Secondly, each mother and son were split up in to small groups, in which a discussion was facilitated in many classrooms across the campus.- The aims of the night were for mothers to appreciate that their sons are growing up, and whilst the levels of communication may lessen during the teenage years, the love a son has for his mother never waivers.- Furthermore, the boys were able to gain an insight from other mothers, in to the love, support and appreciation their own mothers have for them.- All who attended the night thoroughly enjoyed themselves and many boys have commented on the impact this night has had on them.- – –

I would encourage the boys who attended the night to consider attending the father son night that is conducted for Year 10 students.- Finally, I would encourage all students and parents to fully engage and participate in all of our wellbeing programs on offer, as they are an integral element of our broader mission to educate the whole person.

Mr Brad Murray

Pastoral Care Coordinator