Wellbeing Report – October 18, 2019

October 18, 2019

Avenue of Honour
On Sunday October 13 at the Arch of Victory our new College Captain, Will Rothe and one of our Vice Captain’s Max Waller represented the College at a memorial service for the 32 Ballarat men who were killed 100 years ago at Passchendaele, Belgium. Among those killed were Bryon Fitzgerald Nicholas, Thomas Charles Herbert Britt and George Christian Fraser, former students of St Patrick’s College. Our student leaders laid a floral tribute on behalf of our College community, in memory of those former boys.

Spray Jackets and runners
Spray jackets and runners do not form a part of our summer uniform and as such should not be worn during Term 4 and Term 1. If your son needs extra layers, he may wear his College jumper under his suitcoat.

Further, only College socks may be worn with the College shorts. Black socks regardless of brand are not a substitute. College jumpers and socks may be purchased from the College Shop.

Mrs Elizabeth Ryan