Wellbeing Report – October 20, 2016

October 19, 2016

Mental Health Week-The Work Continues-¦

Last week’s Mental Health Week assembly achieved the aim of beginning the conversation with the students about Mental Health and the importance of each of us being responsible for our own mental health. There were two guest speakers, Andrew Penny from Headspace and one of our two counsellors, Eric Hayes. Both speakers spoke about the services on offer and reinforced the theme of -‘Its’ Ok Not To Be Ok’.

The most energising aspect of this initiative was that it was driven by a core group of boys that wanted to raise awareness of the importance of talking about mental health issues. The boys also focused upon the importance of networks of support, exercise, sleep and the range of services available for all boys if needed. These positive initiatives are very important for all of us. Mr Brad Murray, Pastoral Care Coordinator has worked with this group of boys all year.

Another more challenging aspect after the Mental Health assembly is that it may raise feelings of anxiousness, uneasiness or other feelings connected to your son’s general sense of wellbeing. If this is the case and you feel that your son may benefit from further support, there are a range of supports that we can offer. At St Patrick’s College we take a team approach to all wellbeing issues. This involves all of the following staff as needed.

  • Pastoral Tutor

  • Year Level Coordinators

  • Directors of Schools

  • Counsellors

  • Deputy Headmaster of Wellbeing

I encourage you to initially make direct contact with your son’s pastoral tutor either by email or by phone. Additionally, contact one of your son’s Year Coordinators if there are further issues that you believe need following up. They will be able to organise for your son to meet with one of our school counsellors, Alex Montgomery or Eric Montgomery. This can be once only or regular counselling, as needed. Eric and Alex will be able to support contacting further external support if necessary.

Each of our Directors of Schools oversee both the wellbeing and academic progress of all boys and they are best placed to address any subject or class issues, altering and adjusting what is needed to meet your son’s needs.

My role is to oversee these support processes and support where needed.

We see pastoral as the bedrock of living out our Christian calling to help each boy fulfil their potential. Our belief is that each boy can grow and develop to be a great man, in whatever career or pathway their lives take them.

I would welcome any input and partnership from our parent community in our mission to further develop each boy’s resilience to address any mental health issues that may arise.- Most importantly, creating opportunities for all boys to develop lifelong skills to maintain and strengthen their own mental health is our commitment to our parents and students. Let’s keep this important conversation going.

Take Care, God Bless

Gerard Sullivan