Wellbeing Report – September 10, 2015

September 9, 2015

Despite a hint of spring Term 3 has continued to be cold and wintery, so a break for two weeks will be welcomed by many. On more immediate matters, Year 12 students undertake trial examinations during the school holiday break. Their course work is largely completed and their subject teachers have exerted all their efforts to motivate them to do their best, and now is the time to put their learning to the test, in preparation for final assessments and examinations early next term. There is no question that they must have the right attitude at this time. Some teachers have organised extra sessions leading up to the end of the year and for some students there is a great deal to do in finishing final assignments and assessments.

As a Catholic school in the Edmund Rice Tradition, a key component of our education is to try to build within our students a sense of community commitment and responsibility, reflected in such things as developing a sense of social justice and the desire to give back to their community. Our Catholic tradition emphasises the understanding that we are communal beings, not simply self-interested individuals, but people who help create a world for all.- A Casual Clothes Day has been organised for next Friday 18 September. – Students are asked to make a gold coin donation in support of the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation Australia. Students have been advised that thongs, ugg boots, dirty/ripped jeans, and shirts with offensive motifs are not acceptable. A sausage sizzle will also be available on the day for those students interested.

Finally, thank you to the fathers, grandfathers and significant male others who attended the Fathers’ Day Mass last week along with the Father Son evening facilitated by Bill Jennings. The prayers beautifully acknowledged all the kinds of fathers we have in our school -“ present, absent, divorced, substitute, alienated, remembered -“ but always with such an important impact and place. Boys love fathers, and fathers love their boys. Whether this is always clearly articulated or not is not the most important thing. The activity and conversation that occurred on the Father Son evening was a sight to behold and no doubt those present gained significantly from the experience.

A reminder that Term 3 will conclude on Friday 18 September at 2.30pm with Boarding Parent-Teacher Interviews following dismissal. Interviews will be conducted in the Wilding Wing as per usual.

Best wishes for everyone for the upcoming two week break, and a safe journey for those travelling out of Ballarat.

Kind regards- – – – – – – –

Jon Franzin

Deputy Headmaster -“ Wellbeing