Wellbeing Report – September 15, 2017

September 14, 2017

College Uniform

As we come to the end of a very busy term may I remind everyone that Term four will commence on Monday October 9, 2017.

It is expected that all students will present at school in the official College summer uniform that is:

-¢ College Suit coat

-¢ White Shirt

-¢ College tie

-¢ School shorts with approved long socks

-¢ Black leather school shoes (canvas slip-ons, Vans and the like are NOT acceptable)

It is expected that the College suit coat will be worn to and from school. The Spray jacket is not an alternative to the suit coat and does not form part of the compulsory uniform. The spray jacket is only to be worn in inclement weather over the suit coat.

In term four the College expectation is that all students will wear their suit coat to all Pastoral care sessions. This will include the morning sessions. This will be a mandatory expectation.

Wearing the College uniform correctly means:

-¢ Shirt buttons done up to the top and the tie worn firmly to cover top button.

-¢ Avoiding the wearing of coloured or monogrammed T-shirts or singlets under the white shirt.

-¢ Shirt tucked inside trousers.

-¢ Correct trousers and socks and clean shoes.

-¢ Hair to be neat, in keeping with the uniform and avoid extremes. Long hair must be tied up at all times.

-¢ Being clean shaven.

It is recommend that all major uniform items are clearly marked with the students name as big ticket items like suit coats have a tendency to -disappear-.

During the September / October holidays a small number of students, through either boredom, stupidity or a combination there of, embark upon radical forms of self expression in the form of extreme hair colouring, body piercing or body art. While all forms may have merit they have no place at St Patricks College and do not form part of the St Patricks College Uniform.

Students are not permitted to colour their hair with extreme colouring such as green, blue and red nor are patches of colour permitted. The natural hair colour is the preferred option.

St Patrick’s College have a strict policy that no studs or sleepers etc should be worn in the ears, nose, lips, eyebrows etc while the student is in school uniform. Should a student elect to have a piercing done during these holidays they will be asked to remove it upon return to school. It is suggested that students should postpone any body piercing until the December-January holiday break to allow ample time for the proper healing to take place so that they can be removed upon the resumption of school. Putting a band-aid over the stud is not an acceptable solution.

Thanks you for your support in this matter.

Mrs Elizabeth Ryan

Acting Deputy Headmaster, Wellbeing