Wellbeing Report

November 1, 2019

By Mrs Elizabeth Ryan, Deputy Headmaster -Wellbeing

College Congress 2020

It was with great joy that the 2020 Student congress was announced and presented with their badges during our final College Assembly for the year. Changes to the timetable next year will ensure that all Congress members will be free to participate in our fortnightly Thursday meetings with out missing class time. Student voice is imperative to the functioning of the College and this is particularly so when we are refurbishing our grounds and mooting the new build due to commence in 2021. I’d like to thank the students for their considered feedback on the initiatives presented in 2019 and I look forward to working with both the Student Council and the Student Congress in 2020. The 2020 Student council members and Congress members are listed below.

2020 Student Leadership Positions
College Captain of the College William Rothe
Vice-Captain Max Waller
Vice-Captain Finn Lappin
Boarding Captain Benedict Howard
Boarding Vice Captain Patrick Rea
Ethan Councillor
Student Council & Congress
Galvin House
Year 12 Captain: Vice-Captains:
William Gilbert Joseph Freeman
Bailey McCabe
Year 11 Kane Blythe Darcy Williams
Year 10 Jesse Cairns James Clark
Year 9 Cooper McKenzie Isaac Menhennet
Year 8 Jacob Britt Gabriel Freeman
Keniry House
Year 12 Captain: Vice-Captains:
Jack Sampi Griffin Andrews
Charlie Molan
Year 11 Benjamin Nash Jack Richards
Year 10 Adam Jirik Harvey Driscoll
Alexander Molan
Year 9 Charlie Darbin Matthew O’Brien
Year 8 Jacob Catley William Stevens
Nunan House
Year 12 Captain: Vice-Captains:
Elijah Cross Jasper Magri
Blake Scott
Year 11 Jeremy Spedding Patrick Tuddenham
Year 10 Joe Fraser Ethan York
Year 9 Ngor Bar Guy Ripley
Year 8 Archie Lalor Tristan Nijhof
Ryan House
Year 12 Captain: Vice-Captains:
Angus Treweek Owen Pearse
Darcy Cosgriff
Year 11 Spencer Jenks Hugh Ollerenshaw
Year 10 Will Quinlan Aiden Brien
Noah Ryan
Year 9 Harry Ryan Jack O’Brien
Year 8 Samuel Lalor Paddy O’Brien



VCE VCAA Examinations

VCE VCAA Examinations which commenced yesterday will continue to be conducted in the OCA Pavilion over the next three weeks. Please keep all our Year 12 boys in your thoughts and prayers during this challenging time

May God’s peace be with you and your families.

Extreme Hair Cuts

Recently we have had a few instances of boys presenting at school with extreme haircuts (eg bald, the “Dusty Martin”, the “Warwick Capper” mullet etc) Please note that these boys have been immediately sent home to rectify the situation. Hair needs to be natural in colour, not cut in an extreme style and tied back if touching the students collar. Sincere thanks to all parents for your support of our Hair Policy.