Wellbeing services for students during remote learning

July 22, 2021

by Deputy Principal, Mrs Elizabeth Ryan

As Lockdown No 5 extends into next week our boys are again forced to manage the uncertainty which lockdown creates:

  • Will we be going on Year 8 camp?
  • When will footy resume?
  • Will the GAT be rescheduled?

From past experience we know that this uncertainty creates a degree of anxiety in our boys. In order to support your son should you observe signs of anxiety or stress please find below a list of the resources available in our community to support your family during this time.


A free, accessible and non-judgemental service for people aged 12 to 25. Find information and resources and find out where you can visit a Headspace Centre.


Don’t want to visit Headspace in person? Access online or phone support at eheadspace. Here you can talk 1-on-1 with an eheadspace clinician via an online chat, email or over the phone. 1800 650 890 or www.eheadspace.org.au

Kids Helpline  

Information on a wide variety of topics. Check out their site. Also has webchat open 24/7 (see website for link) and email counselling counsellor@kidshelpline.com.au

Kids Helpline Apps

For access and information on a large range of free mental health and wellbeing Apps go to the Kids Helpline for reviews and links.

Youth Beyond Blue

Lots of information for you and about supporting others. 24-hour phone chat with clinician 1300 224 636 or chat online (3pm till 12am).

The BRAVE Program

An online tool that provides teenagers with information and skills to help cope with worries and anxiety.

Your Local GP

Attend your local GP to develop a Mental Health Care Plan to access psychologist support.

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