Wellbeing – Student Medical Profiles

November 28, 2019


All families are responsible for providing an up-to-date Medical Profile in PAM for their son/s in 2020 and students with medical conditions such as asthma, anaphylaxis, diabetes, epilepsy, allergies or other significant health/medical conditions are required to ensure that they also provide a current Medical Action/Management Plan signed by their GP in the last 12 months to the College. Please see below an important notice from the College First Aid Officer, Bettina Pritchard, outlining these requirements for 2020.

Medical Action/Management Plans – IMPORTANT

In addition to providing an up-to-date Medical Profile in PAM for 2020, it is essential that you provide a current (supplied within past 12 months), Medical Action/Management Plan signed by your GP or treating Specialist if your son has any of the following conditions:

  1. Asthma – (student to also provide own reliever medication))
  2. Anaphylaxis – (student to also provide ‘in date’ EpiPen to the school).
  3. Diabetes
  4. Epilepsy
  5. Allergies – (that require specific treatment/medication – student to also provide medication).
  6. Other – any other significant medical/health conditions

If you have not provided a current (within past 12 months) Action/Management plan for any of the above conditions the students medical profile will remain disabled and unfortunately your son will be unable to participate in a myriad of school activities throughout the year until the Action plans are provided.

You can upload these plans to PAM yourself or hand in to the school for upload.

See the following links to current plan templates.

Victorian Schools Asthma Action Plan: https://asthma.org.au/about-asthma/asthma-in-schools/

Action plan for Anaphylaxis: https://allergy.org.au/hp/anaphylaxis/ascia-action-plan-for-anaphylaxis

Action plan for Allergic reactions:


For other medical conditions: please provide a preferred plan as per your sons treating specialist.

Another email regarding ‘Health Matters’ at St. Patrick’s College will follow in due course with other health related information.


Bettina Pritchard