Where are they now – Ewan Neeson (SPC 1941, PY1943)

May 15, 2023

We recently reconnected with former boarder Ewan Neeson (SPC 1941, PY1943) who enjoyed his wool-classing lessons during his time at St Patrick’s College and went on to become a successful fine woolgrower in western Victoria. We thank Ewan for sharing his memories with us.


Ewan, pictured in his intermediate A class photograph, as published in the 1941-42 College Annual

Where has life taken you since leaving SPC?

I have mainly been a woolgrower at Nareen (north east of Casterton) in western Victoria. I married Aileen Delahunty, of Murtoa, and we had five children.


 What are your fondest memories of your time at St Patrick’s College?

The general friendship and the Catholic atmosphere.


Which teacher from your time at SPC had the greatest impact on you? Why?

Br Bill O’Malley – he always referred to me “as the boy with the Marcel (Marceau) wave.

Br Bill O’Malley.

How has your education shaped your professional life?

Having my own fine wool clip and often topping the market.

Ewan took out a wool-classing award during his one year at SPC.


How has your time at SPC shaped your personal values and your family life?

It helped in close association with the Church and in general family and community affairs.


If you could pass on one message to the students of today, what would it be?

Always give of your best and rise again from any failures.

Ewan, pictured in the College photograph, as published in the 1941-42 College Annual.