Where are they now – Jason Gigliotti (SPC 1984-89)

September 17, 2017

The College recently reconnected with Jason Gigliotti (SPC 1984-89) who enjoyed the many relationships he shared at SPC during his time.


Jason Gigliotti.


Where has life taken you since leaving SPC?

After finishing Year 12 in 1989, I went fruit picking. It was a great break away and helped save for the first car. I have since trained in and run businesses in hospitality, retail and for the last 17 years I’ve enjoyed the real estate industry and recently, with two business partners, purchased the Harcourts Ballarat franchise.


What are your favourite memories of your time at St Patrick’s College?

There is no doubt the best memories are about the relationships you created. I’m fortunate enough to still regularly catch up with half a dozen -old boys- I still consider my best mates.


Which teacher from your time at SPC had the greatest impact on you? Why?

I had a great relationship with John Williams and Fred Spittle. Both of these gentlemen were genuine and encouraging. As a shy lad at the time it was helpful to be encouraged to be yourself and develop my own personality.


How has your education shaped your professional life?

Unlike my elder brother and many friends who took their education to amazing levels and success, I often say the teaching of respect to the young men at SPC and how to mix with all social groups is what I have carried into my business life most of all. –


How has your time at SPC shaped your personal values and your family life?

As in my business life, knowledge from an education helps in any interaction, but it’s again the manner in which one holds themselves and respect shown to others is what has guided me to have amazing friends and loving relationships with my family and wife.


If you could pass on one message to the students of today, what would it be?

The more you can push yourself to get out of your comfort zone, the more you will grow. Be yourself and proud of it. Never waste an opportunity to help or encourage someone else in a positive manner. Helping others grow around you will prove to be rewarding for all. Relationships are the most important part in life.