Where are they now – Kevin Renwick OAM (SPC 1946-47, PY1949)

March 22, 2022

SPC Legend Kevin Renwick at our 2022 St Patrick’s Day Luncheon.

The College recently reconnected with SPC Legend Kevin Renwick OAM (SPC 1946-47, PY1949) who we were pleased to welcome to our recent 2022 St Patrick’s Day Luncheon. Kevin has spent his entire working life in the building industry. He is credited for being responsible for the construction of over 20,000 homes nationally. Even now, while aged in his late 80s, Kevin still continues to work 60 hours a week.


Kevin Renwick with fellow SPC Legend Fr Gerard Dowling at the St Patrick’s Day Luncheon on March 17, 2022.

Where has life taken you since leaving SPC?

I am the founder of Hotondo homes as well as Renwick homes and the independent builders network. I am also chairman of Hampton Homes Australia.

The Renwick family, pictured in 1953.

I was the Victorian chairman for 18 years on the government’s housing advisory group and spent nine years as country chairman of MBA NSW.

I was the largest Victorian government house builder in the 1980s and established with the Victorian government, the Group Self Build housing system.

I was mayor of the Deniliquin municipal council for a record nine consecutive years.

I received an OAM in 2007 for service to the building industry, particularly through the development of small business opportunities, and to the community.

I was selected for a six-week study tour with the Duke of Edinburgh and was made a Legend of SPC in 2008. (Being inducted as a Legend is the highest honour the Old Collegians’ Association bestows upon its Old Collegians.)

I have been responsible for over 20,000 homes nationally and at the age of 89 years, I still work 60 hours per week on mentioning builders.


Kevin Renwick, pictured in his intermediate class, in the 1947 College Annual.


Kevin Renwick, pictured in the Sub-Intermediate class photograph, in 1946.

What are your fondest memories of your time at St Patrick’s College?

My two years at St Pat’s were not outstanding, except I was selected in the under 15 football team, but then got appendicitis the week before the main game.

I was a keen swimmer and St Pat’s put on a swimming race to suit me in Lake Wendouree.

I attended sloid classes (a course at the School of Mines to teach carpentry on Saturday mornings) with friend Pat Hogan. This made me interested in building which set me up for the future including becoming one of the NSW largest school builders and third house builder in Victoria.

Kevin Renwick, pictured in the junior music group in 1946.