Where are they now – Mark Lynch (SPC 1974-79)

October 23, 2023

Mark Lynch, pictured with his family in front of his class photographs, which are housed in the College Canteen.

We were delighted to welcome Old Collegian Mark Lynch (SPC 1974-79) back to the College with his family recently.
It was the first time Mark had been back on the school grounds since his school days in the 1970s.
Mark is now living in Perth, WA and was back on the familiar territory for a family celebration.
Mark enjoyed the opportunity to show his wife Jackie and kids Ollie, Emerson and Lachie around the school, particularly the Canteen, Waterford Wing and Main Oval, where Mark was a member of the First XVIII Football team, the First XI Cricket and Ballarat Combined Cricket representative sides, and the SPC Athletics team.
Mark was a day student at SPC along with his brothers Peter (SPC 1965-70), Philip (SPC 1971-76) and Michael (SPC 1972-77).
Thanks to Mark and his family for reconnecting with the College.

Mark Lynch, pictured in his Form 6 class photograph at SPC in 1979.

Mark, pictured in the First XVIII Football team in 1979.

Mark, pictured in the Ballarat Combined First XI representative team in 1979.

Mark, pictured in the First XI Cricket side for SPC in 1979.

Mark, pictured in the 1979 SPC Athletics Team.