Where are they now – Robert White (SPC 1970-71)

February 21, 2022

Old Collegian Robert White (SPC 1970-71) recently shared these memories of school life at SPC. Robert was a senior boarder at SPC from Wycheproof. He started in Form 5 and completed his final year studies.

Robert White, pictured in his Form 6 class photo in 1971.

Robert White, pictured in the 1971 Second Eleven Cricket team photograph.

“I am not really a good example of St Pat’s output. I studied like I played football. A win by a point did the job, so if 50 per cent got me through, that was enough. Around me there were many blokes studying hard, while I was thinking more about getting down and booking the handball court. 
“I was in McCarthy House. At sport time when they came to the classroom and asked who was competing in the various events, my hand was up.

“I did shotput, high jump, long jump and discus, as they ran the field events during the week. I got out of a heap of school and even picked up a second and a couple of thirds.

“I did not make the most of my educational opportunities, but I enjoyed my time at St Pat’s, once I settled in.

“I lived in Kenny House during Form 6, under the guidance of Br Fogarty. Known as “Ted”, he won the trifecta, coached the seconds in football, coached the seconds in cricket and he got the seconds in Kenny. He was a very patient man.

“Travelling to the football in the back of the truck is a memory, and a very funny one, especially if Fred Vallance was aboard, otherwise a bit cold. Anyhow, I made it through and have good memories of those I was with.”

Robert White, pictured in the Second XVIII Football team photograph in 1970.

Robert White was a talented footballer, winning the Second XVIII Best and Fairest, as pictured in the 1970 College Annual.

Robert White, pictured in the 1970 Under 16 XVIII Football team photograph.


Robert White, pictured in the SPC Under 18 Basketball team photograph, in 1970.


Robert White, pictured in the 1970 SPC Athletics Team photograph, published in the College Annual.

Robert White, pictured in his Form 5 class photograph in 1970.