Where are they now – Terry Delahunty (SPC 1968-71)

March 28, 2017

The College reconnects with Terry Delahunty (SPC 1968-71), the CEO of a private gold exploration company, who has a SPC teacher to thank for introducing him to his wife Gloria.


Terry Delahunty with wife Gloria.

Where has life taken you since leaving SPC?

Geographically,- I’ve had the privilege of spending much of my working life in many remote and often breathtakingly beautiful parts of Australia for extended periods of time, also similar experiences in Canada. – My profession also provides the pleasurable contrast of returning regularly to city life and friends and family. – As for where life has taken me in other ways, well, that’s a very much longer story.


What are your favourite memories of your time at St Patrick’s College?

As a boarder we had to pretty much make our own fun. – Fond memories of some of our (sometimes rather illicit) off-campus exploits come to mind. – The camaraderie shared by those of us in the Rugby team stands out particularly as very good times.

Which teacher from your time at SPC had the greatest impact on you? Why?

I’d have to say it was Mr Shelton Bond (although a few others also come to mind as being influential in a good way). – Why Shelly? He introduced me to my wife!- My wife Gloria and I married young (both 19 years old), divorced after eight years following the death of our first child, then remarried each other eight years later. – Our second marriage was about 23 years ago now.

What was your favourite college event?

Boat race day.


How has your education at SPC shaped your professional life?

I think it provided a very good basis for being comfortable when communicating and mixing with people at any level of society. –

How has your time at SPC shaped your personal values and your family life?

The truth is that being exposed to some of the more notorious staff members completely cured me of Christianity for nearly 20 years. – Fortunately, by the grace of God I’ve since become convinced (somewhat to my surprise) that the Christian gospels actually convey the truth. –

More salubrious and positive contributions to personal values and family life were also part of the experience. The discipline and work ethic that comes from years of boarding school has certainly carried over, as has the life experiences of living at close quarters with close friends and not so close people, the close friendships and also the necessary development of tolerance was very good preparation for life in general. – –

If you could pass on one message to the students of today, what would it be?

Don’t ever expect your plans to eventuate as you anticipate. Sometimes serious life problems or even tragedy can be the catalyst to eventually take you further than you’ve ever imagined. If life knocks you down at times (as happens to almost everyone) it is well worth getting up again and having another go. Strong character is not often built by everything going right. I think the important thing that shapes an individual going through life is how one chooses to deal with whatever comes your way.